Since Dubai is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world, there are new malls commissioned every now and then. At the moment, the Dubai Mall holds the record of being the largest mall in the city.

You can also check properties for sale in Downtown Dubai. Many projects in Downtown Dubai  are expected to be completed within this year. Did you know that Dubai mall offers more than just shopping? Apart from over 1000 retail outlets, there is also a wide range of intriguing attractions that revolutionise the shopping experience. People from all over the world flock into the mall to have a completely unique experience.

Here are the things you can do in Dubai Mall

The Dubai Aquarium tank is one of the most popular indoor attractions in Dubai. This tank is located on the ground floor but spans several levels of the mall. It was made using over ten million litres of water.

The aquarium houses a wide range of marine life including hundreds of sharks and rays, different varieties of fish species, amphibians and reptiles among others. In fact, it features the most extensive collection of Sand Tiger sharks in the world. There is also plenty of exciting attraction such as penguins, turtles and a very huge crocodile dubbed as King Croc.

Do you love shopping? Are you looking for an ultimate shopping experience in Dubai? Then, you should consider visiting the fashion avenue inside the Dubai Mall. It is one of the biggest and grandest shopping complexes in Dubai. 

The fashion avenue is an ultra-spacious precinct that redefines shopping experience in the mall. This 440,000 square feet area hosts more than seventy flagship and signature stores. There is a wide selection of fashion and clothing brands housed under one roof.

Recently, the Dubai Mall was extended to make more room for the Fashion Avenue. More than 150 luxury shops were added in the expansion.

This is an Olympic sized indoor ice skating rink inside the Dubai Mall. It is the largest and best equipped indoor rink in the city. Even though it is located on the ground floor, it extends up to the second floor.

Public skating sessions start at 10:00 am with 1 3/4 hours slots. Mothers and young children are offered skating services at a reduced price. There is a skating coach on the standby to provide assistance and advice. Skating lessons are also available but must be booked in advance.

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