If you’ve recently started a blog and want to take things to the next level, you want to start by increasing your revenue.

While many bloggers think about monetization, the other big part of increasing revenue is stepping up your marketing.

 Without taking marketing into consideration, you won’t get the traffic and engagement to get the most out of your monetization efforts.

 There are also some creative ways to monetize your blog without looking at affiliate links and display ads. Here are some creative solutions to consider.

  1. Sell Your Own Services

There are many services that you can market to your readers. A great one that can work for a creative and business focused audience is reseller hosting. Reseller hosting allows you to sell hosting services under your own brand.

 You can also offer upsells for higher margins and create a better customer experience to get your customers to choose your service over competing hosting packages.

Another solid alternative to this is email marketing services or social media marketing platforms. You’ll find that some of these companies will offer a white label opportunity even if they don’t market it publicly.
So think about what services you can build your brand on and start your search for white label opportunities.

  1. Sell Paid Memberships or Premium Posts

A great way to generate more revenue without creating your own product or sourcing physical products is to sell content. If you can demonstrate the quality of your content through your free posts, then it’s easy to convince your readers to subscribe to the paid membership portion of your site.

If the idea of running your own membership site isn’t your cup of tea, then you should try marketing premium posts.

Think of the needs, problems and desires of your audience and come up with quality posts that address them.
You can easily sell access to the posts for $5 to $20 which many people surprisingly will be happy to pay for.

  1. Build and Promote Your Email Marketing List

Many bloggers tend to ignore email or not put enough attention into it. Email is a great tool because it’s more personal than other channels. When readers subscribe via a RSS reader or through social media channels, you are competing with a lot of other distractions.

 People go check their email to check for important things and get alerts to their favorite contacts. Plus, the more channels you are utilizing to market to your readers, the more likely you’ll generate more revenue.

Getting people to subscribe to your email list also requires that you do a good job in promoting it. Most blogs simply have a sign up for that asks you to get email alerts for blog posts. You want to offer a powerful incentive like a whitepaper, email course or digital course.

You also need to follow up your emails with powerful content to get the readers hooked. It’s not enough to simply update users with your latest blog posts.

 You want to do as much as possible to engage readers and build that crucial relationship.

  1. Discover the Best Performing Pages for SEO and Content Marketing

As you build out your blog, you’ll notice that some of your blog posts will start getting some search engine traffic if you’ve set your site up properly.

You’ll also notice that some of your content will fare better than others. This is your opportunity to take what’s working and expand on it. You want to start by setting up site analytics and find out the keywords that are being used to land on your pages.

 Then you want to optimize your pages for these keywords to enhance your rankings even further and generate even more traffic.

For your content, you want to know which posts are a big hit with your readers. There’s probably a strong reason that it’s getting more attention than your other posts. You want to see if you can start using this piece of content in a content marketing campaign.

 Start marketing the content on social media through paid ads and try to get it reposted on other blogs and niche/industry sites.

This can result in a bigger audience, great brand exposure, and more sales.

  1. Improve Your Website’s Engagement

Believe it or not, the user interface and overall user experience has a lot to do whether your revenue producing posts get read or not.

You want to start by cleaning up your blog’s web design and making sure that it’s easy to navigate. Make sure there aren’t too many widgets clogging up your sidebars.

clean and organized category links. Feature your best and latest content prominently. Create attractive titles and use a typography that’s attractive while being easy to read.

Then you want to start working on the user experience. Make sure your blog uses a responsive design, is optimized for quick loading, and has a strong site structure. All of these things really do add up.

 Your blog will have higher engagement, more clicks, and increased revisits. This leads to more of your content being consumed and more of your marketing being seen.

Those are five simple things you can do to increase the revenue of your blog. Remember that monetization is overrated if you’re not putting equal effort into the marketing of your blog. A good combination of both is what will help you reach your blog’s revenue goals.

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