Most people are living in Boston use parking garages on a daily basis while commuting to work, college, or the mall. They simply park their cars in a particular spot in these places and go about their business during the day. These individuals assume their cars will remain in the same spot when they get back in the evening to drive home. The last thing they want to worry about is miscreants stealing or damaging their cars in their absence. Even women should feel safe and comfortable while walking to and from their cars alone in parking garages.  Unfortunately, serious crimes do take place in parking garages, and they can be prevented with some safety tips.

Dock Square Parking Garage – How can drivers and women stay safe when driving into parking garages?

Dock Square Parking Garage in Boston offers drivers with convenient drive-in and exit parking facilities, including the latest automated equipment. It also has a team of qualified maintenance attendants and security personnel who watch over the owners’ cars 24/7.

Experts from Dock Square Parking Garage say parking garages are generally dangerous places for people behind the wheel of their cars. Many of these drivers may become unfortunate victims of serious crimes and fatal accidents if they are not alert. To avoid these situations, the specialists here suggest they should keep the following three safety tips in mind:

  • Drive cautiously

When entering parking garages, drivers should navigate their cars cautiously. They should constantly be keeping an eye out for other vehicles backing up through their cars’ rear mirrors.Moreover, drivers should always be watching out for pedestrians walking absent-minded in the vicinity. Before exiting the parking garage, they should have a quick look around their car. This is to check whether no objects are lying around.

  • Always occupy well-lit parking space

When looking for a suitable parking space, drivers should choose a well-lit area. The place is likely to have plenty of people and other cars, unlike other dark corners of the garage. This makes it an unlikely hotspot for miscreants who intend to steal or to damage other people’s cars. Drivers should also remember to lock all the doors and windows of their cars before leaving.

  • Remain alert

Drivers should avoid talking over their mobile phones, texting, or listening to music when parking their cars in the garage. They should be aware of their surroundings and follow directional signals. At the time of exiting and entering their car, they should hold on tightly to their key fob. If the drivers notice anyone acting suspiciously, they should immediately notify the security personnel or the police.

Experts from Dock Square Parking Garage clarify drivers can drive into and out of parking garages without any untoward incident if they keep the safety tips in mind. For this, they need to drive their cars carefully in empty spaces and park in a well-lit spot. Moreover, the drivers should be aware of their surroundings and rely on their instincts in case they feel uncomfortable in any way. When they notice anything suspicious, they should notify the police or local authorities immediately.  

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