Careless driving is an act of driving without practicing proper care and attention on the road, which can result from penalty points, pedestrian, and traffic accidents.

Actually, there are two categories of careless driving. The first category is driving without proper care and attention, and the second one is driving without having consideration for other pedestrians.

To be convicted due to these offenses, the court needs you to provide a reason that you didn’t really practice a careless driving. And if you can’t provide a reasonable explanation, you will be convicted.

Possible Scenarios to Charge with Careless Driving

Actually, careless driving doesn’t always involve an actual accident. There’s a lot of scenarios a careless driving can be validated, such as causing an accident due to a distraction, beating and driving through a red light, smoking, or a loud radio sound, and to an accident where no one else was present.

Below are the possible scenarios to charges with careless driving:

  • Arguing with traffic enforcers, even though you clearly don’t follow the required standard of a competent motorist
  • A mechanical issue on the car that you possibly don’t know that leads to an incident. This type of scenario should be reported to the police for proper investigation.
  • Necessity – arguing with the traffic enforcers that it is necessary for you to take careless driving due to emergency cases
  • Sudden medical reasons that may cause you to temporarily incapable of controlling your vehicle. Medical reasons such as heart attack, sudden coma, asthma, epileptic attack, or etc.
  • The possible punishment for careless driving include a fine depending on the cases, but sometimes if it’s a serious case, you’ll end up losing your license.

Careless Driving Resulting From Death

Causing death by careless driving often result from mistakes such as lack of concentration that caused a death. For example, the driver suddenly glances away to talk to a passenger or look at their mobile phone.

Punishment for this kind of scenarios could include a mandatory license disqualification and/or up to 5 years in prison. If this scenario will happen to you and you’ve been charged with careless driving causing death, you should need to seek legal advice from driving solicitors.

Careless Driving Causing Death under the Influence of Drugs and Drinks

Careless driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol resulting death can charge you up to a maximum 14 year in a prison sentence, as well as a mandatory 2-year disqualification of your driver’s license.

Driving without License and Uninsured Drivers

If driving without a license resulting death can charge you up to a 2-year prison sentence with a mandatory 1-year disqualification of your driver’s license.

If this happens to you, it is better to seek professional advice from driving solicitors to help you with the charges.

Driver Alertness Training

If ever you’ll be caught with careless driving with minor offenses. The police might offer you to undergo some training to improve your alertness when driving.

If you chose to take the training, you can be spared from the charges, as well as any fine and penalty points that you may need to receive.

But remember, you need to pass the training. If you failed, the police will be going to prosecute you again.

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