Everyone should opt for an iPhone insurance plan to protect their expensive and valuable little gadgets from accidents and theft. Doesn’t matter how careful you are, accidents can happen anytime to anyone. For example, your new iPhone can slip off from your pocket or hand or a pickpocket can steal it during travel or you can lose it by mistake. Whatever the situation is, an insurance plan for your iPhone is highly imperative to protect your phone and provide full coverage for all cases of breakdowns and thefts.

Nowadays a huge crowd is highly dependent on their smartphones for hundreds of works. Cell phones have become the most essential part of everyone’s routine. Earlier, there were fewer customers of the iPhone because of its higher prices;therefore, the need for such protection plans did not arise. However, over the years due to the growing popularity and increasing demand, several companies are offering their Apple iPhone insurance policies to provide protection and coverage for this amazing gadget from Apple.

  • Importance of iPhone Insurance

Your lovely Apple gadget contains much important information including your important data, contacts, images, applications, etc., having insurance allows you to get a safe and secure fixing of your device with an authorized service provider at discounted prices. Since replacing or purchasing a brand new phone can be more pricy, therefore picking an iPhone insurance plan is always the best option to restore the functioning of your iPhone with original parts and expert services, back to the normal as before.

An iPhone insurance plan is not a guarantee to get your cashback in the prescribed conditions until you make a successful mobile insurance claim. To maximize your chances of getting a refund in case of a mobile loss, stolen or broken, consider some top tips while making an insurance claim.

  • Understand the Terms of Your Policy

Before making a claim, first read all the terms and conditions mentioned in your policy documents very carefully. Read the fine prints to get a more clear idea. Understand all the coverage criteria and exclusions of the protection plan you own. This will let you know the damage you are making claim for is acceptable by the insurance company or not.

By analyzing the terms carefully you will also come to know what procedure you should follow to file an iPhone insurance claim. Does it require a police complaint or not? If it does, you should head towards the nearest police station of your area and file the complaint. Then proceed to make a claim

  • Be Punctual to notifyyour iPhone Insurance Provider as soon as Possible

For a couple of reasons, you should file your claim as soon as your iPhone gets damaged. Being punctual on your claims represents the importance of the device in your life and make the mind of your insurer to cover you for incurred charges. Make sure to notify your insurance company and local authorities within the specified timeframe. Also, contact your network provider to block your sim card for unauthorized access.

  • Honesty is Always the Best Policy

Avoid telling a fake story of property damage to the insurer. Reveal the actual circumstances even if they are embarrassing. Never make the mistake of claiming more amount than the actual price of the iPhone. Insurance companies hold a complete record of the properties they are insuring for. Filing an incorrect amount can lead you to a fraud case and results in no returns at all. 

  • Check for Your Necessary Documentation

Make sure to prepare all necessary documents required to process your iPhone insurance claim. You must have the proof of iPhone purchase, receipt of insurance policy, phone IMEI number, a crime reference, and a copy of the loss report registered in the local police station. The unavailability of a single document can make your claim unsuccessful.

While making a claim for any loss of your iPhone, organize all essential documents in sequence. If your phone is stolen, keep the witness if there is someone with you. In case of damage, don’t miss out on any part of the property. Keeping all parts with safety will help the insurer to understand the damage and provide you the required help ASAP.

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