Plastic parts are a kind of everyday use for us. Look around you. You can definitely find several things that are made out of plastic around you. Look at them and you will see their beautifully curved and perfectly shaped all of them are. It is as if they were all made from the same mold. To your surprise what you are thinking is correct. Plastic parts of different objects around you are made with the use of different molds. The perfect shape comes from a perfectly shaped mold for this purpose. When you got to a shop and see a line of plastic structures of the same kind don’t you get astounded by the level of similarity between them. It is all because they are made from one mold.

What is plastic injection molding?

Plastic injection mouldingis a process in which the plastic pellets are melted. They are melted to the point that they become just malleable enough for your uses. Now, you can take this melted plastic and inject it into a mold. This injecting of the plastic is done under high pressure. Once it has been injected into the mold cavity, we can wait for it to cool. The cooling time depends on what kind of plastic it is. After it has cooled you have your plastic part ready to assemble your final product. The mold is usually made of aluminum. The reason being the very simple fact that aluminum speeds up the cooling process of melted plastic. The heat is let out much more easily than it would be in steel. It does not need any cooling channels and therefore the cost is saved along with the time for cooling. The gained time can then be focused on the pressure control while injecting the molten plastic into the aluminium mold. This leaves the manufacturer with just enough time to concentrate less on the cooling time and more on the quality of the product.

How to reduce the cost of manufacturing plastic parts a little more?

Everyone wants to save up a little more money and make a decent profit margin. The few pointers that you can use to lessen your manufacturing cost is:

  1. The cosmetic appearances: you can go a little less flashy on your part appearance. Less is more nowadays so it is best you go for something simple yet attractive which makes you cut out the cost of making something flashy at the same time you can make your plastic injection mouldingan attractive business.
  2. Use a family mould: while plastic injection moulding you could use a mould that is family size. Make parts together in there. The family mould is mould which has a lot of cavities to make different parts.
  3. Consider the size of the part you are manufacturing

Sum it up

There are different kinds of plastics used for different moulding purposes. Substances like ABS which is a good sturdy thermoplastic, polypropylene, polyoxymethylene which is a dimensionally stable kind of plastic and many other varieties to make many other varieties of products.

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