The best man-made forests and landscapes you have seen near an estate or an around an institution did not just happen. Someonesomewhere was responsible for the kind of trees and shrubs to be planted on a certain landscape. A tree survey was done before planting the trees. This might sound strange to some people because we always think that trees grow naturally and we can just plant trees anyhow, whenever we choose. This is not the case, and if it happens it may bring problems later. That’s why you find that some trees actually damage buildings and structures with roots. Others drain water from a place rendering the place so dry. A good example of such a tree is eucalyptus. You cannot plant eucalyptus in dry areas because it takes a lot of water depriving the surrounding vegetation moisture. All this information is available to tree surveyors and they help both domestic and commercial clients to make a sound decision when planting or destroying trees.

A tree survey is a very vital survey which is done on public or private landscapes. The main goal of performing this survey is to avail important information about trees to allow the property managers as well as homeowners to make sound decisions. Using the information provided by the tree surveyor, a homeowner will decide on what to do with every tree planted on the compound. A detailed tree survey contains the finest information about the tree. There are standards that guide every professional arborist that helps in determining which species of tree to be removed and which to be retained. When the report is out, it is simply such that everyone can use it to make decisions easily. The guide which is already available with information on various trees can be fully utilized using information drawn from the conducted survey. The survey will provide information such as the specific species of the tree in terms of the scientific name, the age of the tree, general health of the tree, the physical measurements such as height, breadth, and others. The life expectancy of the tree as well as the management practices. 

In fact, there are places where it is mandatory to perform a tree survey before planting any kind of tree. The survey is done to prevent the elimination of protected trees in protected areas. Talk of national parks, wildlife areas, and state forests where trees are guarded. In such areas cutting down one tree requires some information so as not to affect the ecology or habitat of animals. It is different from a tree survey carried on areas of residential and commercial areas. When people want to build near trees, conducting tree survey becomes very important. The designer of the landscape needs to make a decision regarding which trees to keep around the landscape to boost the general appearance.

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