Gutter leaf protection is important to every home’s outdoor rain system. Gutters are an integral part of the structure of a home, and their value is priceless. But having them in place is not enough, as they can become clogged with debris and lose effectiveness.

There are many benefits to having leaf protection installed in your yard. 

You may already know how annoying it is to keep lying down the stairs and removing the sticky mess accumulated at the top. They are made from a durable micro-mesh material attached to the roof’s end and extend the length of the gutter. The main purpose is to prevent organic debris such as leaves from entering and blocking the gutter. 

These drainage systems are used to divert rainwater away from the foundation of a house. It is important to do as water leaking near your home can damage or weaken your foundation and cause rot and damage to your siding. While gutters won’t completely hold rainwater on the ground on the side of the house, they will hold a lot of water running off the house’s roof. There are many square meters for collecting rainwater.

But over time, the leaves will accumulate on the roof, and with rain, they will fall into the drainage system. The leaves clog the pipes, and the water cannot continue to flow through the gutter system to the downpipe and flow out into the yard away from the house. As water seeks the path of least resistance, it overflows walls and falls to the ground in foundations, rendering gutters useless.

Leaf guard gutter installation will alleviate this problem and keep the pipes flowing. The most common types are metal or plastic, extending beyond the top to form a barrier that allows water to enter but keeps solid debris out. Some snap into place while cheaper models slide down the chute. The latter tend to fly in strong winds and are not as reliable.

Having them in place will also save you the hassle of cleaning them periodically. Not only that but lugging around an extension ladder that can reach all of your gutters can be a challenge. Hiring someone to clean them is the only other option, and it can get expensive quickly.


Another type of gutter protection sheet uses a foam insert in the gutter. Water can get in, but debris can’t. They need to be treated to be mold resistant, and you need to ensure the brand you are looking for is also flame retardant.

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