Most of the businesses are relying more on SMS marketing to tell their target audience about themselves and their products and services. The basic aim of SMS marketing is to develop a database of subscribed customers to grow customer loyalty. For promoting your brand in a specific area, text messages are an ideal way of informing people within the area of any offers and discounts, without having the need to use push-notification applications.

More than informing your target audience about the upcoming deals, text messaging can also be the best technique to send reminders for any upcoming event and engage your audience by giving their suggestions, which will help you to grow.

The budding business should prefer SMS marketing over an e-mail marketing as most of the population is having mobile phones to see SMS than having an e-mail id to read the mails. Sending a promotional e-mail can decrease the chances of catching the audience due to the lack of accessibility. Also, the businesses can approach SMS gateway providers in Bangalore to reach their audience with the best medium. The use of SMS gateways in Bangalore is increasing by the businesses to grow.

After knowing the use of SMS marketing let us jump on to its benefits for the businesses:

1. Usage of Smartphones: More than 90% of the population of India is having smartphones and so, SMS is the best way to approach your target audience directly. You can also add a link in the message to initiate engagement with your business online.

2. SMS over E-Mail: As mentioned above, SMS is effective than sending an e-mail. For e-mail, one needs to have an e-mail id and a good internet connection as well. While for sending SMS both of these are not required.

3. Increases Engagement: Sending SMS to the audience allows you to get feedback or suggestion from them. This will increase the chances of engagement with the audience. It is also essential to deliver critical information with a high success rate.

4. Cost-Effective: It is advised to the emerging businesses to go for SMS marketing as it is less expensive and will fit into your budget. It will also allow them to reach the international audience without spending much.

5. Builds Trust: The text messages with personal touch allow the receivers to build trust towards the sender. The receivers believe that the SMS is coming from a trustworthy party if they find the text to be interactive.

Here are a few disadvantages as well of the SMS marketing:

1. Your SMS needs to be short due to the character limit.

2. Users might find your SMS unwanted. So, make sure you are approaching the right audience.

3. You have to go through legal formalities to send promotional SMS, which might take time.

4. It is possible that the receivers might consider you as a fraud and can block you.

The above-mentioned pros and cons of the SMS marketing will help you better to plan how to use this medium so it turns out to be effective for your business.

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