Staffing firms majorly operate within the business service industry, and are focused on finding workers for discerning client companies.

Steve Sorensen Select Staffing highlights that unlike recruitment companies that majorly deal with permanent job positions, staffing agencies also carry out hiring procedures for diverse temporary and contract job positions. Steve Sorensen is quite a prominent name in the staffing industry of the United States. He is the ex-owner of Select Staffing, as well as one of the current owners of Butler America. Both of these staffing firms have helped numerous people to get hired for jobs of their preference.

Majority of staffing agencies work towards finding temporary employees to fill up job positions for a discerning set of client companies who require workers for distinguished short term work assignments.  Such positions commonly tend to be for lower skilled jobs, and have vacancies available for numerous reasons, including periods of high demand in the company, short term projects, maternity leaves and so on. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing mentions that while the candidates work with the client company, in many cases, they would remain an employee of the staffing agency. This factor however might not be true for all cases.  In certain scenarios, the workers might also be hired permanently by the firm as well.

Steve Sorensen Select Staffing brings to notice that staffing is a dynamic field, and there can be diverse varieties of staffing services. Here are some of them:

  • Direct Hire Staffing: This service involves the recruitment and hiring of full-time employees. When it comes to direct hires, the staffing agency itself would be responsible for managing all the important hiring details, so that the client company and their members can focus on the various other priorities of their business.  Most staffing agencies tend to have robust candidate networks in place which helps them to have swifter access to higher quality candidates. These staffing firms usually source candidates with the help of job postings, advertising, as well as direct recruitment of both active and passive candidates.
  • Temp-to-Hire Staffing: Such staffing services are needed by companies who require employees for only a particular period of time, or want to keep them for a trial period.  Subsequent to the completion of the probationary period, the employers can choose to extend a full-time offer to the individual or not. The staffing agency would be responsible for compensation and benefits offered to the worker until the candidate is hired full-time. This arrangement provides companies with the chance to test out a candidate before offering them a permanent position.
  • Payroll Services: In case of such services, the client company chooses the worker for their job, but it is the staffing firm that would be responsible for arranging their pay and managing all the official paperwork involved with hiring. Such services make the job of the internal staff of a firm a firm much easier.

Diverse types of staffing firms are hired by companies across the US.

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