A quite common question you always heard from the landlords: “Are you looking for a furnished or unfurnished rental property?” You might get various answers to this question. Definitely, when you are going to showcase a property, you give your best to attract your tenants.

Here are some tips and tricks to attract your tenants to your rental property:

Family Home Vs Apartments: Which One To Go With?

If you are the estate agents in llford, many times you find the families come with their own furnishings so you can showcase them unfurnished space or some semi-furnished space. At such a place, a family can have their own personal touches and families prefer the location close to their kid’s schools and offices.

What would you do if your property is established in a metro city? Here, you have options to attract students or professionals and they prefer a furnished apartment where they can have a well-equipped kitchen and so forth. You can easily attract high-value tenants who look for a place to call it home.

Here Are A Few More Tips To Take Under Consideration According To The Tenant Type:

  • Students: If you have a property close to a university, then it turns into an opportunity to attract students. You can offer them fully furnished apartments with desks in bedrooms, etcetera.
  • ●       Employed Professionals: Many times the professionals look for a rental space close to their offices and they prefer contemporary furnishings. So focus on offering them welcoming spaces where a tenant can feel entertained.
  • Employed Couples: No doubt many employed couples look for the rental apartments so their preference turns to a well-organized kitchen, suitable fixtures, and few other basic things like a sofa, dining set and more. You can also offer them a partly furnished rental space.
  • Short Term Professional Tenants: Some people look for estate agents in Ilford to find a rental apartment for the short term and they look for the beautiful apartment with a high-class of furnishings, wonderfully created interiors and so forth. So the rental apartment should have necessary daily living and furnishings with high-quality.

Here Are Some Pros And Cons Of Furnished And Unfurnished Properties:

Pros Associated With Furnished Properties:

  • Easily attract tenants who are looking for ready to move.
  • Furnishing can be easily reused or can re-sold if required.
  • The cost associated with the furnishing remains tax-deductible.
  • Cons associated with furnished properties:
  • Furnishings may come across wear and tear issue over time.
  • Insuring furnishing would cost you.
  • Cost of furnishing on rent may be costly to you.
  • There is a limitation to charge on your tenants for the damaged furnishings.

Pros of unfurnished properties:

  • No or fewer upfront charges.
  • No charge to insure furnishings.
  • No damage furnishings issue.
  • Less to clean.
  • You get long term tenants.

Cons of unfurnished properties:

  • Remain away to attract students/professionals if you have that goal.

No matter you look for furnished, semi-furnished, or unfurnished rental space, estate agents in Ilford offers its tenants the best rental accommodation.

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