Option 24 cannot serve the European Economic Area, Switzerland, the United States, British Columbia, and Canada. A vague description of the website’s platform source. Chinese trading platform created by Richfield Capital Limited. Lots of features, very little information, and very little feedback on the actual transaction. There are few regulatory authorities.

Online brokers offer a variety of investment opportunities and can provide advice and training for those with little experience who can use digital tools to help manage professional traders. There are several trading platforms out there, but they set specific operating conditions that need to be analyzed. Discover the comparison between IQ Option and https://corredortrading.es/24option (2 of the most famous brokers in the world).

There are some basic similarities with these online brokers, but the most important features are:

-IQ Option Trading Platform: offers a variety of financial assets for trading, proprietary software with a web interface (IQ Option 4.0) that can be installed on MAC, Windows, and mobile applications. Operate and design interactive training via the application (video tutorial, online chat, Spanish forum).

There are three steps to trading IQ options.

  1. Free registration and confirmation by email on the official website.
  2. Registered users can first learn about the no deposit platform. The demo account offers all the functionality of the real account and virtual currency. They can only download software to their phone or computer.
  3. When the trader (for beginners) is ready to trade, you can switch to a real account and trade with minimal deposits.

24option.com: Online broker with multiple platforms, registered users have access to the web interface and mobile apps (self-design) and other options (MT4 software).

Redeem 24 options in 3 steps.

  1. Free registration and verification via email on the 24option.com website.
  2. After registration, users can access simulated accounts (web interface and mobile app). They have a virtual fund that includes the platform.
  3. You can switch to a real account at any time (you can choose from 4 types of accounts: Basic Account Gold Account, Platinum Account, VIP Account) To trade in real currency, a minimum deposit is also required.

On the IQ Option platform, you can earn up to 91% profit (successful trade). Also, the minimum deposit is 10 euros (excluding fees), and the minimum deposit to open the business is only 1 euro. The broker also offers a maximum usage of 1: 1000. Discover the comparison between IQ Option and corredortrading.es/24option.

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