Many employers track their staff or personnel to keep them focused as well as productive.

Sure, personnel tracking is a challenging endeavor – you have to abide by a plethora of rules and regulations. However, the diverse benefits of keeping your employees in check are worth all the effort.

Mentioned below are four reasons why every business must invest in personnel tracking. Please check them out now.

  1. More Transparency

Managing employees has multiple challenges. Most of time, you would not be able to know:

  • When the employees started working
  • If the employees are working or simply checking out social media
  • How long the employees spent on project management tools such as Google Drive

This impacts the employees also – they would not be able to justify why a particular task took more time than the others. With a solid employee tracking system in place, these issues would outright disappear.

You will know:

  • When the employees started working
  • Which tasks they completed and how much time they took
  • Which social media platforms they opened

The employees will also be able to maintain a proper record of everything they have been doing. They have evidence in case someone accuses them of wasting time.

  • Decreased Wastage of Time

Almost all employees waste their time during the work hours.

While feeling distracted time and again is natural, the problem is you have to pay your employee even when they are checking their Instagram account instead of handling clients. All the wasted time also alleviates your company’s output as well as earnings.

When the employees know they are being tracked, they would not waste their time. So, you will be paying them for actually working, and contributing to your company’s prosperity. That’s great, right?

  • Better Insights

Monitoring the employees provide a substantial amount of information that would not have previously been available. You can utilize this information to deal with idle times, security problems, and inappropriate conduct. But, most importantly, you will be come to know which employee have been the most productive and performed the best.

You can reward the productive employees, and help the struggling ones to improve.

  • No More Continuous Supervision and Micromanaging

No one likes micromanaging. It forces their morale to plummet after all. Without a personnel tracking solution, you have to continuously supervise your staff to know what they are up to. This eventually paves the way for micromanagement.

Thanks to the monitoring system, you can use the time you were spending on supervision to plan projects, enhance training sessions, testing trends, etc.

Now that you know why personnel tracking are useful, you must find out the ways to carry them out in a seamless manner. CCTV cameras have become an integral part of every workplace, and the employers rely on them for safety concerns and for keeping misdemeanor at bay.

If you have decided to install a video surveillance system, make sure it does not show an employee’s computer screen as that would be a violation of his/her privacy.

Software such as RFID personnel tracking systems have lately managed to acquire widespread recognition. They are not at all invasive and can help both in-house and remote teams.

Although there are plenty other options readily available, RFID or radio frequency identification is the best because it provides comprehensive reports on employee performance. You can know about attendance, timesheet, what tasks your staff did in a day, what sites and apps they opened, etc.

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