In the banks and the financial organization you can find the many tax saver mutual funds and among them one of the famous schemes is the dsp tax saver fund – direct plan. This is scheme will give a huge benefit for the investors as they can able to invest a small amount of the money at the regular intervals and get the massive amount at the end of the maturity period. You will not find any tax deduction during the maturity period.  You will find a diversified portfolio.

What is the purpose of this mutual fund?

This tax saver fund is a good one for the investors to make huge money without any tax problem. This is the good one for them to invest in the normal sip plan with the lock-in period of the three years. This means that you will not be allowed to withdraw in between. You need to be careful about this fund as this is a little bit riskier. It is safe for the investors to hire the best fund manager for this scheme as this will be more helpful to manger during the market fluctuation.

This is the ELSS scheme and so the investment amount will be a minimum of five hundred. This is much convenient for people who are getting a low salary. The investment of the money with the regular interval will give you a high rate of interest and so at the end of the maturity period, you will get the big turn over. Thus you can able to save more amount of the tax that is forty-six thousand.

Why this axis bluechip fund is good for getting a huge return?

The axis bluechip fund direct plan will provide the users to make the investment in various cap funds like the small, medium and large caps. These kinds of faculties will be the special ones to get the maximum amount at the end of the tenure. The tenure period will be just three to four years. This means that you have to wait for getting a big amount at the end of the tenure. The minimum that is allowed for the investors to invest their money in this scheme is five hundred but there is no limit for the investment of the maximum amount.

This will be more useful for the investor to gain the capital with high interest, this will be moderately risked but with the help of the fund manager, you will able to get a huge benefit. This profit that you are getting at the end of the period will be a useful one for achieving long term goals like marriage, education, buying a car, house, and other things. Most of the new investors like to pick this scheme as this is having an excellent fund history in the past. This fund has given the benefits for both the companies and also for the investors. The thousand rupees can be withdrawn which is the minimum one in this open-ended scheme.

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