CAT College Predictor – CAT 2018 results are due in the first week of January 2019. As soon as the CAT results will be announced, the candidates will start assessing their chances of admission to the IIMs and other desired management institutes.

Analysing your chance of getting an interview call from a particular institute may seem easy but it really isn’t. It doesn’t require CAT exam score and CAT cut off only. To be able to check whether you will get a call from your choice of college or not, you need a CAT college predictor tool.

The CAT college predictor tool by Shiksha predicts your chances of admission to a number institutes in few and easy steps. All you need to do is, enter your CAT exam score, academic details and your category; and the CAT college predictor will instantly give you the result.

The CAT college predictor by Shiksha has various features including overall cut offs, sectional cut offs, eligibility criteria, college comparison, college ranking, etc.

To use this CAT College Predictor by Shiksha, you need to have the following information by your side:

  • Class 10 score
  • Class 12 score
  • Graduation score
  • Work experience details
  • CAT score/CAT expected score
  • CAT sectional scores
  • CAT percentile/expected percentile

On the basis of above information, the CAT college predictor computes and predicts your chances of getting through IIM call or other MBA institutes in India.

How to use CAT College Predictor

  • Open the CAT College Predictor in a new window
  • Select you gender and category
  • Enter your academic details
  • Enter your CAT score and CAT percentile (If you haven’t got your CAT result yet you can check eligibility criteria of 20 IIMs)
  • After you enter your CAT score and percentile, your result will be displayed

Besides this information, you can also find out more information about the IIMs and other MBA institutes by using the ‘Compare’ feature. This feature will reveal several aspects of the institute like:

  • All India rank
  • Alumni salary
  • Course fee
  • Number of seats available
  • Course duration
  • Infrastructural information
  • Selection criteria for admission
  • College review

You can also download the institute brochure from this predictor tool.

There are a few points you must remember while using this CAT College Predictor

  • The CAT score and percentile cut off varies for students from different categories. If you are a General category student, CAT cut off for you will be higher than a Scheduled Caste category student. Similarly, the result will be variable for male, female and transgender candidates.
  • IIMs give a lot of emphasis on class 10 and 12 marks for selection for WAT-PI round. Thus, your result in this predictor too will depend a lot on your academic score.
  • Do not take this predictor tool’s result as final. This is just a predictor tool, actual cut offs and selection criteria may change for the upcoming batch.

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