Distance learning is attracting more and more people from all over the world. What began more than half a century ago, with brochures and correspondence courses, has expanded to a wide range of possibilities.

Education via distance learning is a good alternative for those who want to acquire new skills and knowledge. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, computer-based resources give institutions the opportunity to offer quality courses in all types of directions.

IvyInstitute online classes are the only ones in India that employ a live discussion style in which faculty members and students participate in real time. It’s a completely different style from traditional online learning, where you watch recorded lessons. The number of online MBA students is increasing year by year, with many business people praising them for their practical learning that is unique to IvyInstitute online.

Why Choose IvyInstitute?

The main reason for choosing IvyInstitute is that while it is online, the lesson style is a discussion style similar to classroom lessons. For me, who lives in a rural area and has small children, the option of going to university and learning was not realistic. When considering graduate schools that offer MBA programs online, there were several graduate schools that streamed lessons, but only IvyInstitute offers real-time access to all students and discussion-focused lessons.

All IvyInstitute faculty members are professional educators in their specific niche and subject. In addition to systematic and academic knowledge about management, many have practical experience such as managers and consultants and knowledge in specialized fields, practice management theory by themselves, and recognize not only their plus points but also their flaws. IvyInstitute faculty members who develop discussion-centered classes are required not only to have systematic management knowledge and abundant practical experience, but also to have advanced facilitation skills.

How to discuss and clear doubts?

IvyInstitute online lessons are two-way discussions centered on group work, pair work, and class-wide discussions between students, while valuing the tension of sharing the same time as learning in the classroom… It is because there is a process of thinking, giving opinions, and repeating discussions with faculty members and students, so that you can develop the ability to think deeply.

In IvyInstitute online class, in addition to oral remarks, there are two types of remarks in the form of typing letters in the chat tool. Opportunities to speak by using both voice and chat tend to be greater than in school classes. In addition, since the remarks of all classmates are displayed in the chat, it is possible to learn while touching various opinions and ideas more than in the classroom.

With IvyInstitute, you can get an MBA distance education LPU just by taking an online course without going to campus. As long as you have an internet environment and a computer, you can join the class not only from India but also from overseas, such as at home, at a hotel on a business trip, or in a coworking space. There is no commuting time, and you can study while using your time efficiently.

By peter