The Scholastic Assessment Test ( SAT ) is a standardized test which is taken by students who want admission in undergraduate schools. Formerly it was known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

SAT exam has been developed to evaluate the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates. sat classes in delhi includes major covering of three key aspects like learning the logic, studying the content, and practicing the questions.  The test has three broad sections and is organized as follows:

  • Reading

The reading section consists of questions related to reading passages. This section assesses the candidate’s ability to understand and assimilate written text. Candidates who get the overall idea of the passage are ready to score high. It is good to understand the passage in your own language/words, as it makes the elimination of confusing choices more easily. Therefore, skim the passage once and get into the details only while answering the questions as it might save some valuable time.

  • Writing

The writing section has 4 passages in which the candidate is expected to spot errors, rephrase marked/highlighted sentences with better alternatives, etc. The student with a good understanding of grammar can score high in this section. Practice this section a lot so that you can smartly eliminate the wrong choices without wasting much time.

  • Mathematics

For this section, students are given 80 minutes for 58 questions. For 25-minute section (no calculator), and a 55-minute section (calculator allowed). A lot of practice and right strategies are required to solve questions regarding arithmetic, geometry, statistics, algebra, and probability. Besides this, it also involves data interpretation from tables/graphs, and problem-solving.

Many students find it difficult to solve mathematical problems, for this, you have to grasp of fundamentals of basic mathematics, and strengthen your effort to achieve target score.

  • Essay ( optional )

The section is optional and is of 50 minutes. This section assesses the candidate’s understanding of the given case and the quality of your writing. The expected length of the essay is between 650-700. Precise description in a logical and consistent manner can fetch you good marks.

How to prepare yourself for SAT

  • First of all, you have to search the school name you are willing to apply, and the other admission requirements to get into that particular school. By doing this, you will come to know what score you need to have to get into your dream school/university. Once you have targeted your score, then you can take certain steps to achieve it.
  • Making a study schedule will help you to decide how much time you need to prepare for the SAT and will help you to stay motivated towards your goal.

If you find it difficult for preparing for SAT then you can join the best coaching for SAT in Chennai which will provide you better and improved study material and help you to focus only on the exam preparation and not on collecting notes. They also help to enhance the productivity of student effort by helping students to make their study plan.

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