Information technology is one of the booming streams of employment in India. The youth of the country are very much inclined towards the IT jobs that the nation has to offer, owing to its work culture and lucid salary structure.

A number of cities in India are becoming booming IT hubs with multinational investments and are rendering tremendous job offers in the field of information technology. Though there are a number of manufacturing, technology, hardware, automobile and health care organizations in the country, IT seems to render a promising future for the young aspirants of the country. Each year a number of aspirants also relocate from one place to another in search of IT jobs. The best part of the IT jobs is that, the job is open for not just information technology and computer science graduates, but it is open for engineering graduates of all streams.

Fresher jobs in IT sector:

Generally, two major fields of job categories are available for graduates in Information technology, namely hardware and software. Under hardware, the available job roles are a maintenance, manufacturing, management, research, and development. Under the software stream, the available job roles are manufacturing, development, software testing, programming, maintenance, and support. Other related areas where job opportunities are available are database administration, computer operations, data center management, sales, and marketing, etc.

Some of the popular IT jobs for freshers are, hardware engineer, information systems manager, software engineer, network systems manager, programmer, data analyst, database administrator, systems analyst, support specialist, systems administrator, information scientist, etc.

Apart from these job positions, a number of Information technology jobs are also available in computer programming, search engine optimization, web designing, networking, gaming, database administration, security, desktop support, software testing, etc. Freshers are most ideal to suit the IT jobs as they are flexible to adapt to different job roles. They are also fascinated with the attractive salary structures of the job and adapt to the different nuances that their jobs have to offer.

Demand for IT professionals in India:

There are abundant jobs available for IT professionals in the country. But it is important for them to find the best-fit one at the earliest. The various online job portals help them in finding out the best job at the earliest in different states of India. Freshers’ will get easily selected in these jobs and will undergo training to perform the job perfectly after getting assigned to their projects. Usually, people land into designations such as software developers or programmers directly after college. Depending on the experience and work skills that one develops, they can soon become a project leader in about three years.

Final words: Also, many IT professionals get a chance for onsite training and placement and gain exposure to international work experience and work cultures. IT jobs for fresher’s also lands them in some of the highest paying jobs in the world. A junior software engineer can expect to earn anywhere between RS. 1.5-3.5 lakhs annually and the figure keeps rising with rising years of experience.

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