With more than 40 years’ experience in online learning, University of Phoenix is in a unique position to assist teachers and parents struggling with the abrupt transition from in-person to online learning made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic. The University graciously stepped up and offered a variety of tools and classes to make the transition easier for all involved.

“One of the things we’ve been able to do well, since the majority of our students are online, is to pivot easily,” said Cooper Nelson, director of public relations and external communications for University of Phoenix. “So we’ve really taken this time to start initiatives to help other institutions and organizations who may not have support, and to just help people get through this very difficult time.”

Free Webinars for Parents, Students and Teachers

One of the initiatives University of Phoenix launched is “Together We Soar.” This series of easy-to-digest webinars, hosted by University of Phoenix faculty and staff, focuses on topics such as “How to Homeschool K-12 Students”, “How a Business Can Handle Customers in a Crisis”  and “How to Manage Stress During This Turbulent Time”.

Nelson continues, “The series offers insights about leadership from our faculty and employees. We’re trying to bring in alumni as well and business partners to share their insights on relevant topics.”

Interested parties can access the webinars on the University of Phoenix YouTube channel.

Tools for Teachers

University of Phoenix understands that teachers bear a large burden when it comes to online learning. Most teachers were not taught how to manage a virtual classroom when they pursued their teaching degree. For some, computer learning was less widespread during their college experience. The pandemic created a need to help teachers quickly learn new online teaching skills. To this end, University of Phoenix made a library of continuing teacher education classes available for K-12 teachers at no cost.

Keeping kids learning and interested in school takes a group effort. This drives the motivation behind University of Phoenix’s new sharing initiatives.

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