Gold chain designs

Every family occasion in India requires one to wear a huge amount of gold! And if you are one of the close members of the family, you will be decked up in it. Of course there are exceptions like Bappi Lehri who enjoy wearing tons of gold irrespective of the time of the year. Here are some commonly used kinds of gold chains and gold earrings.

Gold Small Chains

One of the most commonly used kinds of the chain is the small chains. The new trendiest forms are small chains in the form of Mangal Sutra where Indian wives wear the symbol of their marriage. The mangal sutras initially were lengthy and heavier; however recently many forms have come up with gold small chains which look fancier and elegant. These chains are comparatively cheaper and more affordable to a lot of families in comparison to the longer ones. However, the small chains are more in trend and not for affordability.

Gold long chains

Gold long chains have attracted a lot of the population to a very great extent. There are different kinds of gold long chain designs with weight and price. These are closely observed in the market and good designs are picked out very quickly. Different goldsmiths will charge differently for the labor and making charges. These gold long chains are a much bigger attraction to every South Indian woman and girls of other cultures.

Gold nose pins

One of the most elegant pieces of jewelry on a woman’s body is a nose pin. And the gold nose pins are so very elegant with various designs and creativity. At a very young age, girls choose to wear nose pins. The tradition suggests it is to symbolize womanhood. And gold nose pins not only has the traditional value of symbolizing womanhood but also an added component of purity and blessing from the family.

Gold earrings

Earrings are a pair of jewelry no girl wants to get separated from. Every girl might have over just a few in her box to swap from day-to-day according to her mood and according to the occasion of the day. Many kinds of earrings are seen in the market and sometimes it gets difficult for a girl to choose from so many options. One of the more purchased kinds of the earring is the gold drop earrings which look not only elegant but also attractive in its own way.

Gold bracelets

A woman’s hand seems incomplete without a bracelet or a bangle. Gold bracelets are more elegant than the traditional bangles. However, depending on the culture you are born and raised in, bangles or bracelets can be swapped. The bangles are, however symbolization to a married life.

Whatever ornament one chooses to wear and dress herself or his wife up with, women look very beautiful and elegant with ornaments and accessories they wear. Dress up, be beautiful, feel beautiful.

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