Dementia is when a person loses his memory, ability to speak, solve minor issues, and other things related to his thinking abilities. When they struggle to do their daily chores, their frustration increases, and they may turn violent. The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which causes abnormal changes in brain functioning.

These people cannot do their day-to-day tasks themselves; they need someone to assist them with their personal work. Moreover, families of these patients should also stay informed about different aspects of Dementia care. They should know the behavioural patterns and the apt ways to handle the patient.

Caretaking Tips For Dementia Patients:-

Here are some tips that families and caregivers can use to take good care of people having dementia.

Schedule Is Must

It is vital to maintain a routine for the patient. Fix a time for small tasks like bathing, eating meals, medication, and everything else. It will help them remember their to-do list and feel more connected to their day. A little flexibility every now and then is not an issue, but try to stick to the routine most days.

Engage Them More

Do not let the person stay ideal for longer. Plan different activities to engage the patients mentally and physically. Make them perform multiple brain exercises to ensure that the patient stays active and involved. Staying ideal can worsen the situation and make them go deep into the illness.

Safer Environment

Create a safe environment around the home. As the frustrations increase, a patient can get violent and harm himself or the people around him. Take the following steps to create a safe environment:

  • Make sure there are no scattered rugs or slippery floors in the house.
  • Install safety locks on cabinets that have poisonous substances.
  • Keep the match sticks, lighters, knives, and other items away from the reach of the patient.

Take all necessary measures to ensure the patient doesn’t get violent during a panic attack.

Hire A Caregiver

Lastly, it is vital to hire an expert caregiver for Dementia care. It is ideal to have assistance, as the experts have hands-on experience dealing with such patients. They can also guide the family members about things they can do to take good care of their sick loved ones.

With these simple yet effective tips, any caregiver or family member can deal with dementia patients. Other than this, stay in constant touch with a doctor to monitor patient health. Your doctor will perform tests and diagnose the disease regularly. This way, he will find out if the condition is improving or the situation is getting worse. Be patient and prepared to handle the situation. It may get frustrating at times. Take good care, and the patient’s health will improve.

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