Pregnancy is a gift for every woman. But, some women do not experience good time in their pregnancy months due to health issues. Respiratory disorders such as asthma, cough and cold are likely to arise at the time of pregnancy in some women. It is necessary to keep the respiratory disorders in check when a woman is in a family way. One of the common respiratory disorders which most of the pregnant women go through in nine months is asthma. When asthma triggers, it creates more problems for pregnant mothers. Let us know how to deal with asthma in the crucial nine months of pregnancy in the next lines.

Why women suffer from asthma during pregnancy?

The normal physiology affects when a woman goes through the phase of pregnancy. When a female is carrying a baby in her womb, then she experiences functional changes which put a negative impact on her cardiovascular and respiratory systems which trigger allergies and asthma in pregnant ladies. It is imperative to avert asthma and allergies when a woman is pregnant. Consult with your health practitioner as soon as the respiratory disorders such as asthma and allergies hit you.

Symptoms associated with allergies and asthma

The symptoms of asthma and allergies are not the same in every woman. It depends on the body type of a woman when it comes to figure out the symptoms. Some common symptoms which are linked to asthma and allergies are constant cough, continuous sneezing, breathing issues, cold, feeling of stuffiness in the nose, headache, flu and sinus. The respiratory disorders in pregnancyshould be addressed immediately before the situation goes out of control.

How asthma can affect your fetus?

When you cough or sneeze, it puts pressure on the womb. Your baby develops in the womb. When you feel difficulty in breathing or when you get asthma bouts, the womb does not get sufficient oxygen which might affect the development of your baby. Seek for medical assistance at once when you get asthma attack or have an infection in the respiratory system at the time of pregnancy.

Opt for a safe medical treatment

Women who used to take medicines for treating the respiratory problems before pregnancy feel that medicines might cause harm to their babies. If you too are going through the same situation, then you should know that you should not stop taking medicines for asthma and allergies in your pregnancy days. It is essential to keep check of asthma and allergies in pregnancy by having right medications from your health care professional.

Having a safe treatment plan from your medical practitioner can prevent risks of respiratory disorders when you are having pregnancy. An experienced health care provider can recommend you to take medications which will not pose a risk on your health and on the womb. Medications such as antihistamines, flu shots, and anti-inflammatory medicines can help control the respiratory disorders quickly during pregnancy.

A proper medical assistance can cure the respiratory disorders in a pregnant woman. The respiratory disease in pregnancy medication can turn out to be beneficial for would-be mothers. Contact your doctor at the earliest.

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