Rhinoplasty also called nose reshaping surgery or Nose job is one of the popular surgical procedure around the globe.

People may opt for Rhinoplasty for various reasons that may include any kind of deformity or difficulty breathing.  Many people simply opt for Nose job due to cosmetic reasons only. Your face is the first thing anyone notices about you upon meeting and since nose is the most prominent organ on your face, it is definitely defines your facial features. A smooth, sharp and petite nose adds distinctive features on your face and complements your overall personality.

Rhinoplasty can be done to fix a number of nose anomalies like:-

  • Crooked Nose:- A bent nose which is not falling in straight vertical line is often called crooked nose. It steals your personality and definitely looks odd.
  • Bulbous Nose:- A nose which is too wide from the middle of the nose bridge or tip of the nostril is often referred as bulbous nose. This can be sometimes fixed using fillers and non invasive surgery.
  • Nostril Disfigurement:- Your nostrils can be too wide or thin.
  • Cleft Palate:- This is a birth defect but can be fixed by rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Nasal Mass:- Growth of skin, tumors or cyst inside the nose, this can be a birth defect or can occur at later stages of life.
  • Droopy Nose: – When the nose is elongated or looks like falling down in excess towards the upper lip. It’s also called witch nose because of its shape.
  • Deviated Septum:- Septum is the skin cartilage inside of the nose which separates the nostrils. This could bend as a birth defect or injury but causes a lot of difficulties in breathing and should be fixed on priority.
  • Ageing Nose:- This may occur due to ageing or birth defect when nose cartilage from nostrils droop inside blocking one or both of the air passageways causing breathing difficulties and sleep apnea.

These are medical reasons why one opts for a Rhinoplasty procedure but apart from these many people are now opting for a nose job for purely cosmetic reasons as well.

Many men are opting for male rhinoplasty procedures for medical and cosmetic reasons as well. Before you opt for a cosmetic procedure understand that nose job is an art. The ideal shape for a male nose is more masculine, smooth and prominent. While females generally choose a short nose, males look for a straight nose which is more masculine and projecting a 90 degree angle above the upper lip. Women would opt for a soft tip and slightly more obtuse angle towards the upper lip. Men nose tips are also projected wider and more prominent then women.

No matter what your goals are always choose the best, most experienced and qualified surgeon. Male Rhinoplasty is a complex job and an experienced doctor who has been regularly practicing these surgeries can always make your surgery a success without much pain, recovery time and side effects.

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