In the healthcare sector, the safety of the patients is very much important. Equally important is the quality of care being provided to them so that their quick and proper recovery may be assured well. Keeping in mind the same fact, CQC or Care Quality Commission, which is basically a non-departmental public body has been set up in England. Compliance with CQC is quite important for all such organizations or institutions that offer healthcare and social services. By being certified with CQC, the concerned healthcare organizations may ensure their patients about a great standard of services and thus quality care.  But before you can do that, you need to get registered with CQC. Now the question arises how much time does it take to get the registration done?

The total time needed to get this registration depends upon the number of factors as discussed below:-

Your Preparation For The Entire Procedure

As far as the time taken for the CQC Registration is concerned, it depends largely on how prepared you are for the entire procedure. It means you need to be ready with all the documents, proofs, and anything required to apply for the relevant registration. If all the documents are ready and formalities are fulfilled properly then you may look forward to quick attainment of the registration.

Availability Of The Nominated Personnel For The Interviews

Again it is a great factor that affects the time needed to get the registration done. For this, you need to make sure that the nominated personnel such as your managers, supervisors or other individuals are readily available to attend the interviews whenever they are called. If interviews are attended in a timely manner without any delays, you may surely get your task served quite rapidly.

Time Is Taken By You To Facilitate A Site Visit

The site visit is an important step of the registration process for CQC. To rule out the chances of any delays, you must make sure that you facilitate the site visit to the concerned officials whenever you are required to do so.

Your Response Time To The Inspecting Officers

In the process of CQC Registration, inspections are also carried out so that the concerned officials may become completely satisfied that your organization is suitable to offer healthcare services to the patients. You must respond in a timely manner to the inspecting officers.

Generally, it may take about 8-10 weeks for the complete procedure so that you may ultimately get the registration done provided all the formalities are completed quickly and as per the schedule. At the same time, it is also important that any shortcomings in your application must be overcome in a timely manner so that chances of any issues in the way of registration may be ruled out. This in turn prevents any delays.

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