In order to have healthy hair, one needs to massage the hair on a regular basis with some warm hair oil which is enriched with nourishing herbs.

Ayurvedic hair oil is always means for scalp and hair massage and they have all the nourishing herbs that are beneficial for hair growth and hair shine. When it comes to hair oils, there are plenty of choices in the market but one needs to pick the right Ayurvedic oil that can suit the body condition and the hair type.

Hair types, time and application of hair oils

If one has thin, dry and frizzy hair which is prone to split ends then they fall under the Vata category of hair. If it is fine and thin and is also prone to premature greying then it is a Pitta hair type. On the other hand, if the hair is oily and thick then it is the Kapha category of hair.

When one has Vata hair type then one can use almond oil and sesame oil together as the base. This is because; both the oil types are very nourishing and it can reduce the stiffness of the scalp.

In case of Pitta type of hair, one can use cooling coconut hair oil because coconut can pacify the pitta easily and can prevent the retard hair issues or the aggravation of pitta dosha.

But when one has Kapha hair, then they can go for olive and sesame oil because olive oil has all the purifying properties and they can keep the pores open.

It is also said that a proper hair oil application and head massage if done at the evening can be very beneficial. One can apply the sesame oil in the evenings because it can calm down the Vata dosha. When it comes to coconut oil, it is best applied in the morning because it has the tendency to increase the Kapha at night.

To improve the quality of hair and to promote hair growth and prevent early greys and split hairs, it is better to apply hair oil at night and keep it overnight. Then one can take a warm water head bath on next day morning. It is not a good idea to apply the hair oil after bath because this can attract a lot of grime and dust if one goes out in the sun. It is even a better idea to warm up the oil a bit before applying because it can lead to better absorption.

When it comes to herbal hair oil, here are a few options that one can choose from:

Sesame oil

This is a great massage oil and one can use them on a regular basis to prevent greying of hair, headache, dandruff and baldness.

Coconut oil

The usage of this oil can prevent dandruff and reduce the dryness of the scalp.

Almond oil

This is rich in Vitamin E and so it can add some shine and lustre to the hair..

One can also use other options as hair oils.

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