The problem of hair is increasing day by day due to the dusty and polluted environment as well as the consumption of impure and adulterated food. The environment cannot be changed in a day but good treatment and proper care would help the person to get rid of hair problem.

 Dandruff is a very common condition and many people are affected by its consequences. It makes the skin dry and grow on the hairy part of the body. The skin flakes grow on the scalp and can be treated with proper medication. Some people are highly affected and it becomes acute if not treated on time. Dandruff occurs due to infection which leads to severe hair fall, itching, rashes along with the severe problem of inflammation. It can be removed from scalp by giving special care and treatment to your hair.

Themarket is flooded with many anti dandruff shampoos and people are using it to avail maximum benefit. The shampoo contains important ingredients in right composition which enhances its effectiveness and give better results. Ketomac Shampoo Composition is prepared in such a way that it has no side effects and highly recommended. The following ingredients added in the shampoo which makes it unique and special in treating dandruff.

  • Zinc Pyrithione:  It checks the microbe to grow and subsides its impact on the scalp.
  • Selenium Sulphide:  This ingredient is not present in all anti dandruff shampoo but the user may find this in Ketomac shampoo. It removes flakiness from the scalp and makes it soft and fungus free.
  • Zinc Carbonate: It moisturized the scalp and keeps it free from dandruff.

The reason why dandruff grows on the scalp is the accumulation of the dirt which attracts sebum and develops itching due to fungal infection. Thus, it is important to keep the skin clean which can only be acquired by the cleansing agent added into the anti-dandruff shampoo.  The moisturizing agent keeps the scalp moist  and creamy which makes it soft and smooth. 

Ketomac Shampoo Ingredients 

Ketoconazole is the main ingredient of Ketomac shampoo. It is used for the scalp which becomes dry and rough due to dandruff and other infections. It cures the patients suffering from acute dandruff by killing fungus on skin called Malassezia.

Ketomac shampoo is the best anti-fungal shampoo which prevents hair fall and makes the scalp devoid of dandruff and any fungal infection.  It gives relief from itching and reduces oiliness after the first wash and has a potential to eradicate the problem of dandruff. Hair products are available in immense variety and should be used according to the skin type. It is consumed on the basis of the sole discretion of the consumer and it is always suggested that it should be used judiciously. It is always recommended to consult the doctor before trying these products.

The hair washing with such kind of shampoo is a wonderful experience because the extracts of fragrant plants and flowers are added to it. It gives appealing fragrance to Ketomac shampoo and gives a sense of satisfaction to the users. 

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