Grace Jiu Jitsu is known as an effective and a humane system of self-defense whose unique characteristic is that it enables smaller fighters to beat opponents who are bigger and stronger than them. This is because of the unique principles and philosophy that the founder Helio Gracie put into the martial art.

The Principles

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu does not focus on the exchange of strikes but on managing the distance between a fighter and his opponent. The goal of this is to stay away from possible knockout punches and to gain a dominant position in the fight. In the same way, it also aims to let the fighter remain calm and react successfully in what could be a worst case scenario. In facing a stronger and much bigger opponent, a smaller fighter must be able to defend himself successfully to avoid defeat at all costs. This martial art teaches a fighter how to save one’s energy while allowing his opponent to run out of it in the process. Fighters are taught reflexes that to help them react instinctively in any situation that calls for self-defense.

Some Techniques

Grace Jiu Jitsu is not dependent on strong kicks and flashy punches but centers more on grappling techniques that use timing and natural body movements that can be used for joint locks, minimal strikes, chokes, and takedowns. It presents to you a realistic and effective means to protect yourself apart from giving you the total control of the amount of harm you may cause on your opponent.


You need not have previous experience with any martial art to learn Gracie Jiu Jitsu Burwood. If you do have an experience of any martial art, that’s great but it’s not a requirement. The self-defense programs of Jiu Jitsu are designed for everyone. Students are encouraged to train based on their own limits, and they may push as hard towards their own limit. Children may also learn the art. Every child has his own abilities, but the average age of a child to start training on any martial art like Jiu Jitsu is 5 years old. There is also no age limit to the art. No one is too old to practice the martial art.

Frequency of Training

There is no set timeframe in terms of training for this art. It really depends on your lifestyle and personal goals. You can train as often or as seldom as you want, but the minimum average in the frequency of training is twice a week.

There are advantages of practicing Jiu Jitsu as opposed to stand-up martial arts. First is the importance placed on skill rather than on size and level of strength. It is also a good mental workout, and it allows everyone to learn it. Instead of learning on your own, you are paired up with another fighter to apply your learned skills.

By peter