Why go for CT Scan?

Are you feeling a bit uneasy? Or are you experiencing few symptoms which are unusual and have never happened to you? Then it is better for you to have a complete checkup of your body. Doctors are specialized t specific areas of our body and it would be difficult for you to visit each and every doctor for a checkup. SO, the best way to get your body checked up is through a CT Scan. A CT Scan is just like an X-ray of your body. The only difference is that a CT Scan displays each and every layer of your body like you can visually detect all of your muscles, organs and bones if any problem is there.

What is CT Scan exactly?

As mentioned it is just like an X-ray but lot more to it. It is also known as Computed Tomography scan and makes use of computerized combinations to get the scan completed. It helps the doctors to see the inside of your body and suggest you for any treatment if they find it necessary. The scan will cause you no pain and the process is similar to the X-ray scan too. As the doctors get to see all the layers of your body, it helps them to study your body and state your current health status. It also shows if any problems maybe faced in the coming future, which helps the doctors suggest you to follow a specific diet and a lifestyle to prevent it. The CT Scan won’t cost you much and is quite affordable and accessible to people in the cities these days.

Benefits of CT Scan-

There are many benefits for going for a CT Scan. First is pretty simple to state as it provides a help to the doctor to study your body from up to down, from the inside to the outside, completely. There are no such loop holes in scanning any part of your body. The next would be that, the process is very fast. This helps the patients to control them breathe for a short period of time and not hold it for long and face any other major problem, if they have a problem in breathing. The scanning process is painless, noninvasive and accurate. The best part is that no radiation remains in the body of the patient after the CT Scan is completed.

Risks of CT Scan-

With so many benefits in consideration, there are few risks to make people hesitate to go for a CT Scan. The effective radiation dose for this procedure varies. Hence, it is better to go to the best place for the CT Scan. The CT Scan is not recommended to pregnant women as it may lead to be a potential risk to the baby. That’s it, no more risks in the list to make it evil. In the sense, if we be careful in selecting the place for CT Scan, then we could eliminate all of those risks.

Procedure of CT Scan-

The Procedure of the CT Scan is pretty simple and easy. Firstly, the patient needs to make sure that his stomach is empty for a few hours prior to the CT Scan as suggested by the doctor. The patient may also need to wear the hospital gown or dress the hospital gives to all the patients and it is mandatory for the patients to not have any of the metal items on their body. SO, if there are any piercings, they need to be removed. After this, the patients need to lie down on a doughnut shaped machine which will drag him in for the scan. You might hear a bit of the buzzing sound, but it will give you no harm and is noninvasive. The process of scanning is done and you can finally grab something to eat and wait for the doctors report of the scan.

Why go for CT Scan to Mumbai?

Mumbai is considered to be the most developed cities of India. It has not only developed its infrastructure but also improved on the health facilities it provides. Which means, even the CT Scan in Mumbaiwill be the best you will find in the country. No doubt other cities in our country do provide the best facilities for CT Scan, but in Mumbai you will not face any higher or more exposure to the radiations. The professionalism in the work makes it very preferable and the best to eliminate all the risks related to CT Scan.

About the CT Scancentres in Mumbai

There are many professional CT Scan centers in Mumbai. Just google the CT scan centers on the internet and you will find many available on the map. The best part is, CT Scan is now available in the diagnostic centres also and not specific to the big hospitals only. Each of these centres provides the best service and is also certified by the Central Government. You need to just look for the best CT Scan centers in Mumbai near you and take and appointment.

Procedure to take an appointment for the CT Scan-

Taking an appointment for a CT Scan in Mumbaiwon’t be very irritating process. The centers and the hospitals use the best of the technology even in taking the appointments too. You can either find about the diagnostic center and make a call and take the appointment, or prefer going online. Either you go online or by using a app, check on the CT Scan centers in Mumbai and check few details before you take the appointment. Check details like the address, fee, timings and the appointments available for the day, you desire to take an appointment too. After checking all this, take an appointment by either filling up an online form and paying the appointment fee online through net banking or in the call itself, you take the appointment and pay the fees in the scanning center, in which you have taken the appointment.

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