Technological advancements in the field of door security has boomed like many others in recent years. Nowadays we are spoilt with a range of choices covering almost every need we have or might have in the future. This has become quintessential as more and more people are getting concerned about their security in the wake of increased crime stats all over the world. With the ever increasing quantity of choices in this field, it might become a little troublesome to keep up with the various types and features of the products and one might end up flummoxed. To avoid that, it is imperative that you should be well conversed with the basic ground rules regarding these products and the subtle nuances in order to ensure that you don’t spiral down into a dilemma when faced with a choice.

Door Build and Type

Every door security system is always geared towards making sure that the particular door in question isn’t breached aggressively. In order for that to happen, the security systems are customized and fit according to the build and quality of the door. Thus, when looking to purchase a suitable fire rated door hardware for your establishment, it is imperative that you know the exact information and requirements of the door in order to make an informed decision and purchase. Once you have that information with you, it would become much easier to filter through the plethora of choices to arrive at a conclusive decision that you would satisfy your wants and needs.

Security Measures

A door security system must primarily be inspected of its security measures and techniques. Different products have different ways of locking and securing a door and each of these techniques are different in their operation and ultimately, different in their level of providing security. Anyone looking to purchase such a system must first introspect as to his needs and requirements and then go through the different types of security systems in order to arrive at a conclusion.


Every purchase has a fundamental requirement, and that requirement is synonymous with this kind of a purchase as well. Creating a fixed budget for a purchase gives a lot of power and confidence to the purchaser as he knows exactly what to buy and what not to. Similarly in the case of fire rate door locks, the purchaser must be well aware of his budget in order to ensure that he doesn’t waste time browsing the products that he doesn’t have the capacity to purchase, thereby limiting his options and saving time.

Ancillary Features

Modern day fire rated door hardware come with a lot of added features and benefits that are often useful to a lot of people. If you are one of those people who love to have a few added bonuses to arrive with the product, it is prudent to research on those features and the particular products that provides it in order to strike the right balance in purchase.

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