Helping the elderly in society is a noble act that also leaves them feeling valued by their family and friends. Often, a senior woman or man does not have all the energy to keep de-cluttering their homes. If neglected, their homes may end up looking like dumpsites. You can expect that there is a lot of rubbish in that old neighbour’s home. So where do you start? Well, the best and fastest way to de-clutter such a home is by use of skips. There are many companies such as Clearabee who offer skips for hire and skip bags.

Importance of Using Clearabee Skips and Skip Bags

You may be wondering how skips and skip bags are used to de-clutter an elderly person’s home. Well, it is simple. All you need to do is fill the skips and the Bee bags with junk, and we will collect them for you. With skips, you need not to worry about sorting the waste materials. We will do it for you and ensure that we dispose of the waste in an eco-friendly way. Why use skips for hire? Here is why.

• Fast

You can dispose of anything that is not wanted without having to worry about sorting. The fact that you don’t have to sort saves you time. Furthermore, you volunteered to help the old man or woman having left your work at a standstill. As such, you need to use the minimum possible time to carry out the exercise.

• Ample Space

Skips come in different sizes. All the same, they have enough space to dispose of even the bulkiest types of furniture. You can therefore comfortably empty the cabinets, the garage, and clear the garden without worrying about where to dispose the junk. The skips can also accommodate a lot of waste that would have otherwise demotivated you from clearing.

• You can keep the Skip For A few Days

vidmate app Skip hires are flexible, and you can keep them in the home for a few days. It is understandable because an elderly person’s home has a lot of rubbish that you can barely clear in a day. You can, therefore, take your time to de-clutter as you throw the dirt in the skips.

The Bee bags as an Alternative

The other option as earlier indicated is the use of Bee bags. Clearabee offers skip bags in different sizes. You can also request for the skip bags, fill them with the rubbish you collect from the home. After you are done filling the skip bags, all you need to do is tie them up then call our van to come to collect.

Tips on How to Convince an Elderly Person to Get Rid of Their Treasures

In as much as the home of your elderly relative or neighbour is filled with clutter, it is because they hold on to stuff. Don’t expect that it will be easy to convince them to throw away their old furniture or clothes some of which are even torn. But don’t worry because here we have compiled some tips on how to go about it.

• Understand why they are still holding on to an item.

• Talk to them and make them understand why they need to let go.

• Involve them in the process so that they can tell you what to throw and what to keep.

• Start by clearing the less sentimental stuff.

• If it becomes difficult, request the services of a counsellor who can talk to them about the importance of living in a clean home.


Elderly people hold on to things because they have a sentimental attachment, they value gifts they received when they were young, and at times because they are sickly and cannot de-clutter. Helping them out with clearing junk is a noble thing to do. Skips hire offer the fastest solution to clearing rubbish from a cluttered home. Bee bags are also another alternative to help you clear junk in a fast and safe way. If the elderly person is stubborn and does not want to let go of some items, talk to them. Let it be a process which will leave them in a clean home and happy at the same time.

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