Life almost never gives us do-overs. That’s why a gap year is rather special. It’s the time you take off from life to pursue other things. Mostly, people take a gap year between the time when they graduate from school and when they enter university. A gap year is a great idea because it gives you time to focus on any number of things. You can travel, teachor learn a trade, volunteer- any number of things.

A gap year is important for many reasons. One of the most compelling is how it offers an immersive experience. Being in an environment that’s different to the one you’re used to, using your time to understand the nuances of an area of work- all these are good things. In fact, many people have said that they come back feeling up for the challenge of academic rigour. There is a sense of clear focus on what they may like to do, going forward.

One of the most inspiring ways to make your gap year count is to volunteer your time. Depending on what area you’re volunteering in, you can take any time between a few days to a few weeks. For instance, educational volunteer services require a 3-6 month commitment. This is because working with students is about striking a rapport as well. It needs time to do that, to teach and to give them theskills they can use. On the other hand, if you’re involved in building homes for people, it may not last you more than few days or weeks. Wildlife programmes may depend on the breeding, mating, egg laying period of the animal involved.

Most volunteer programmes offer you boarding and lodging. There might even be a pickup from and drop-off to the airport or station. There are services that will place you in a volunteering service that works for you. These services charge a fee but it might be well worth it.  Some volunteering services pay a stipend to candidates and the experience looks good on a resume too.

While volunteering services can be challenging, that won’t mean that you won’t have time to explore the country you’re at. You’ll be able to travel and get a real sense of where you are. From wildlife conservation and photography, marine conservation, childcare and teaching English, construction requirements- there’s no dearth of possibilities for a volunteer.

The only thing you need to be clear about is your reasons for the same. You cannot look at volunteer work as a free vacation and then complain that it’s too much hard work. Volunteerism requires heart and for that you need to know very clearly what your intentions are. Go in with a clear heart and a need to help.

Once you return from your gap year, you can go back to your regular life with an increased awareness. Do remember to put your stuff in self storage Jacksonville. This will ensure that your things are safe and waiting for your when you return.

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