Have you heard of ‘Refinishing’?

Are you worried what impression will this worn out furniture of yours will give to your boss when he visits your place? Are you low on budget but are in desperate need to make your furniture look new somehow?

Refinishing solves your problem in dire need of change. No need to spend extra money to buy a new one when you can get your home furniture refinished and repaired that will give a new, comfortable feel.

Are you a Philadelphian?

Philadelphia, the sixth most populous city of United States and the largest city of the state of Pennsylvania, has a moderate climate with a usual spike in humidity in the summers. Your furniture gets wobbly, swollen or shrunk, thanks to humidity.

Do not worry. We have got a solution for you all Philadelphians.

Solano’s Furniture

Solano’s furniture is based in Philadelphia to meet all your needs and solve all your problems regarding your furniture. May it be a sofa, dining chairs or any other piece of furniture, Solano’s are just a call away.

For a quite a long time, Solano’s has been in this field. They deal with refinishing in Philadelphia. Their experienced staff and crew are skillful and professionally deal with their clients. Carpenters and repairers here have honed craftsmanship and delineate detailing in their work.

Solano’s deals in:

  • Furniture upholstery
  • Furniture refinishing
  • Other services related to furniture

Why only Solano’s?

Solano’s offers a wide variety in upholstery and refinishing. They have range of colors that you can select from and match your theme. Your opinion matters and Solano’s respect your idea. They wish to transform your idea into reality and never would go against your will. If you have a confusion, their well-experienced staff will provide you their best recommendations and advices.

Their welcoming attitude will want you to go to them again and again for your problems. Congenial attitude of Solano’s staff makes you feel special as you share your opinion. In a few minutes, they appear at your door when you call them on their contact numbers.

Affordable piece of work here will definitely impress you as Solano’s believes in friendly customer service. They have different financial strategies that keep you comfortable and calm. Heavy amounts can be paid here in installments.

Solano’s rivals charge you more and have less expertise. Their crew and staff may not be friendly too. But here you will feel like home. Their skillfulness is guaranteed with other additional, valuable points.

Contact Solano’s now

Solano’s web address is www.solanosfurniture.com. History of the corporation, aim and other relevant information is provided here. Their website provides people with their basic information about the corporation, exact locations and contact number of their branches.

For your ease, Solano’s refinishing in Philadelphiaoperates at two locations. Their main location is at 731 S. 4th St Philadelphia and their second branch is at 110 Water Street Newport, DE.

They are very responsive to the emails received at their email address where they answer your worthy questions and welcome your feedback. Their email address is: solanosfurniture@aol.com.

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