Retained surgical instruments mean when a surgical instrument is left inside the patient’s body after the surgery. Medical negligence is one of the significant causes, because of which surgeons may leave tools like sponges, needles, scalpels and more, inside the body. However, these errors are rare, but they can lead to significant complications if they ever happen.

Many types of equipment are used during a medical surgery, so if a particular instrument is left behind, it will be discovered in a follow-up surgery or the x-ray. In rare cases, the tool will not be found until or unless a patient suffers from some internal injury or illness after the surgery. These cases are although preventable, but if it happens, the patient might seek medical compensation for the damage due to medical negligence. The patient can contact a Fort Wayne personal injury lawyer to file a medical malpractice claim.

What are the complications a patient might suffer from?

1. The patient can suffer from internal injury:

The internal injury could occur when some sharp object like a scalpel or medical needle is left inside after the surgery. Because of it, the patient might suffer from injuries to internal organs or tearing of soft tissues. The damage can cause internal bleeding, fistulas, or obstruction in the passage, which can cause pain, and a follow-up surgery is required. If not corrected in time, it will lead to death.

2. The patient can suffer from infection:

Infections occur if sponges or any other porous items are left inside the body after the surgery; because of it, certain bacteria could develop on that item, and a patient could suffer from an infection. Moreover, if the object is not appropriately sterilized before the surgery, the disease can be much more severe. Most of the time, the condition could be life-threatening if a patient doesn’t receive medications or follow-up treatment is not done in time. It can cause severe complications like rendering an individual infertile.

What to do next?

  1. The patient may require additional surgery.

When a surgical instrument is discovered, the patient might go for follow-up surgery to remove it. It means a patient has to undergo additional time for recovery, medical bills, and even have to face emotional stress because of another surgery because of medical negligence. The patient can seek compensation for all the expenses and mental stress they went through.

  1. The patient can seek help from a malpractice lawyer.

If a patient has suffered from injuries or damage due to medical negligence, they can receive monetary compensation through medical malpractice claims. The patient could seek help from a personal injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer can help the patient get the settlement they deserve.

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