Cake tradition is never overlooked in wedding celebration. Cake delivery online USA
is the first and foremost thing used to celebrate the day of knot. Since so many years wedding cake is tradition and followed till this time for adding sweetness in marriage celebration. The design and taste may vary but cake stood strong in the knot ceremony. We are going to describe here about some wedding cake design trends that is followed from ages. Many aspires classic and vintage inspired cakes and for them it is a best article to read. Hope you will love this.

Tier Chocolate Cream Cake

 You will find most of the weddings three tier cake is given importance. The three tier cake is made with certain heights. Some wants long height and some wants a short but three tier cake is a must trend followed in wedding ceremonies. Here comes the chocolate crème cake trend is still on the top for celebrating auspicious wedding date. A dense chocolate cake has a creamy and soft base inside. Whole cake is decorated with chocolate crème on top and then garnished with piped roses. It is a well deserved cake designed for all the chocolate loving couples.

The Glamorous Wedding Cake

Add some glory, drama in to wedding cake by using this classic glamorous wedding cake. the truffle flavor inside enhance the taste buds. But more on it the decoration is impressive and eye catching. The crème fondant cake is artistically garnished with Arabic art and piped purple flowers on it. Edible silver pearls beaded on cake calls for elegance and sophistication. You can add some more laces designs and truffles designs for more beautification.

Black Fondant Cakes

If you are aspiring wedding in Halloween times or in fall and spring month, black fondant cake is a trending cake of that period. Guest might gaze it at first sight but after seeing the intricate designs on it they will be convinced thereafter. Sponge cake is nicely covered with black fondant sheet. Baker has applied a culinary art in the middle tier by drawing the floral prints on it. Then the top and bottom layer is garnished with live flowers.

White Rose Wedding Cake

We have given an artistic and modern way to simple white color cake. The white fondant cake is finished with rustic white roses. The top layer is garnished with white roses and the whole cake is covered with cheese crème piped truffles. You can also insist on hanging a rustic color edible flower garland on it. The timeless white wedding cake is simply gorgeous to impress wedding guests.

Rose Fondant Cake

The three tier rose fondant wedding cake shows the skills of baker. The creativity and modernity comes together in this unique designer cake. The fondant cake is nicely garnished with silver grey stems and purple roses etched with fondant. The oh-so beach inspired wedding cake is perfect for beach or aquatic themed wedding. If you are looking to send wedding anniversary cake online USA, please give a mouse hit on this link. 

Whatever the theme it is, baker has such type of skill to carve that theme on wedding cakes. We have rounded up the designer cake beautifully embellished with delicate prints and subtle decoration on it. They just not taste heavenly but also visually look impressive. The taste and flavor of cake is the subject of interest.

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