When you think about the Telugu cinema, one of the first names that immediately jumps to mind is that of PawanKalyan. Most famous as a successful actor, he is also a director, producer, writer, and screenwriter. Besides, he is a politician, since he founded the Jana Sena Party in March 2014. At that time, Google listed him as the most searched Indian celebrity politician.

It would be unfair not to mention all the humanitarian work that PawanKalyan does. He often donates lots of money to different charities and also to individuals who are suffering from diseases or injuries. Finally, he has won multiple awards for Best Actor for his excellent performance in various movies.

So, watching a PawanKalyan movie is a great way to spend an evening. Gather your family and friends, prepare a delicious dinner, and put on one of his movies; below, you will find three possible options to consider. There are many Telugu movies to watch in aha.


Here, PawanKalyan plays the role of Badri, an ad agency director. He has feelings towards a girl called Vennela, who is a close friend of his family. Their parents approve of their relationship and want them to get married. However, Vennela, who loves Badri very much, isn’t sure that his feelings for her are sincere. So, she challenges him: she tells him that no other girl will love him as she loves him.


This is a comedy-drama film about Raghunandan, a very wealthy but unhappy businessman who lives in Milan. His greatest wish is to reconcile with his daughter Sunanda: he didn’t speak to her since the day she married Rajasekhar, even though he was against it. Gautham Nanda, his grandson played by PawanKalyan, swears to Raghunandan that, on his 80th birthday, he will bring Sunanda back home.


In this movie, PawanKalyan plays the role of Sanju, a postgraduate student who also works as a gym instructor. He loves a girl called Indu and wants to marry her, but her father doesn’t approve of their love. Indu is forced to marry the man that her father chooses. In the meantime, Indu’s sister Bhagi and her friend Jo are chased by hoodlums, but it’s Sanju who rescues them.

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