For most people, the idea of having a house to call their own is a long term one. However, short term apartment rentals in Bogotá, Colombia may be more beneficial in some situations. Getting short term rentals can be more difficult than buying a house outright, but there are known advantages to such an arrangement.

The reasons someone might choose to stay in an apartment strictly in the short term can vary. There are those who are having their regular residence renovated or fumigated, which can take time.

Others are merely staying in an area for a limited period but require more space and amenities than a hotel room might provide. Another possibility is relocation because of corporate structuring. Regardless of the reasons, those who are looking for good short-termed rentals in Bogota, you should enjoy a few benefits due to their situation.

Bogotá: A Brief Description

With an estimated population of around 8.8 million, Bogotá is 8,660 feet above sea level. Geographical orientation is comparatively simple since the eastern mountains are noticeable from about every place in the city.

Bogotá City, no doubt, is full of contrasts and thus presents an exclusive experience to the tourist. Get ready to experience the extremes between ultra-modern and ancient, and super-active and serene.

You will find plazas of the old century and serene churches encircled by soaring skyscrapers. Bogotá is a multi-colored city. From internationally certified universities to multinational companies, Bogotá is Colombia’s center for business and industry.

This city caters to a populace that has been open to North American and European influences, which means that as far as cuisine goes, you are able to find it here.

El Dorado International Airport is where you will arrive by air in Bogotá. There are a couple of options available to you in the way of transportation from the airport into town.

If you want to hire a taxi, you will first need to find a taxi booth and to tell them your destination. After that, you buy a ticket by paying the taxi fare in advance. Then, you sit at the taxi stand and wait for your turn for the next available cab. On reaching your destination, you will need to give the printed ticket to the driver. Usually, the fares will be from 15.000 – 25.000 COP.

If you want to take a bus, walk outside the main entrance door and you will see a bus stop. This is the low-cost option (about 1.200 COP), but it can be somewhat risky if you are new to the city.

The bus routes only take you to the most popular destinations from the airport. It can be dicey for you if you need to get somewhere that is less frequented. However, drivers of buses are very helpful and friendly.

You can approach them for help regarding a specific area or place. A better option is to get off at a bus stop near Transmilenio station and continue from there.

The districts worth visiting are:

It includes the city’s new downtown parts including nearby residential areas, office space and hundreds of options for dining, shopping, and sightseeing. This city area is famous for its rash and packed traffic. You will truly relish the walks around La Cabrera, El Nogal, and Chicó Reservado.

El Salitre
It provides a unique experience of sightseeing along with public places for outdoor and sports activities. Here lies the famous Olympic Water Complex (South America’s largest and most recent complex). In this area, there are city’s league sites for all types of sports like track and field, tennis, basketball, bowling and volleyball, all nearby each other.

For outdoor lovers, there is Simón Bolívar, the district’s biggest Public Park. It is host to packed festivals and open-air concerts year-round. It is also the desired destination for all types of out-of-doors events such as biking, jogging, pedal-boating, and kite-flying, etc.

Parque de la 93
This is the fashionable, up-scale part of Bogotá with cafes and nightclubs.

La Macarena: This is a bohemian neighborhood nearby the bullfighting ring, which is full of art galleries, artsy cafes and superb restaurants.

It’s the northernmost district and home to several modern business squares, sightseeing locations and fine examples of local architecture. The chief square is the focal point where you will come across many bars and restaurants.

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