Best friends share an unbelievable bonding where they could crack a joke in the most serious situation and the timing is so perfect that no one misses bursting into laughter. True friends stick like an octopus on your face and they manage to bring out the laughter in any given situation be it the anniversary gift they get. As they know you wouldn’t mind quick laughter coming you are on a crucial stage of starting a whole new life with a huge change in your lifestyle. For any given anniversary year a best friend’s gift always is a special well to tell them though you have gone on separate tracks the ‘chubby buddy’ part will never change and the sarcasm and puns will never end. Getting an anniversary gift with a humorous approach will always find a place in your friend’s heart as they would want to get reminded of the good old days. So, make sure you send the best anniversary gift online and yes, that can include your fun element. We have some options that could help you to attach your jokey touch to them:

1. Personalized Cushions: Funny quotes printed on the cushions like ‘you can tell any secret to your husband and that will be safe as they don’t listen’ or ‘the secret of marriage is still a secret’ or a more fun thing you could think of is the best way to make them remind of funny you. These cushions resting on the couch or bedroom with a witty lines will remind them of the laughs that you had. You could also get names you used to call them with imprinted to get them nostalgic.

2. Anniversary Greeting Card: Cool cards with chic colors to convey your message with clean jokes for the happy couple can give them a healthy wish over growing laughs. Cards are the best way of showcasing your humorous self with crazy quotes and funny words matching their situation.

3. Toilet style ashtray: If your friend likes to take some quick drags behind his wife’s back help him to flush the ash through the toilet way. This weirdly funny ashtray made in the shape of the pot seat gives that feel of flushing the ash away and no one would know. After all, who would give hands in the bad habit of your friend better than you?

4. Collage frame: Club all the funny selfies you took together some years back and frame it for the gifts for 1st anniversary. It is good to throwback to the insanity you encountered with your best friend and will always want to be there.

5. Designer coasters: The colors of the coasters should be catchy and you can add the friend’s name to it for a quick reminder. Exclusive coasters with silhouettes in the middle for the ladies’ man he is.

6. Keyholder: Creative key holder with ‘Dil ki Chabi’ written will sure open his dil. Funny to look at with the back of a truck it will fit in with the thinking of the truck of their married life has taken a pace and they are on a journey. Cool key hangers organized in one place will surely open the doors to her heart seeing your organized friend. Some of these ideas could use your excellence and chic words to make it more funny and laughable every time they glance at it. Some of these items we surely are the best anniversary gift for friends or you could gift them as wedding gifts for the bride and groom too but personally haa! Let them share their past years in person and show their partners how crazy they used to be and there is still that college kid in them.

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