In any job, except the most mundane ones, we need a spark of imagination if we aim to prosper in it. To get better at what we do, we must focus and stay creative. But there are times when you may wonder how you should keep the creative flame burning.

To achieve this we can try a technique which goes by the name of whitespace. It is the time that you set aside to refresh your thinking, rethink your strategy and reflect on your goals and gain a different perspective.

These things are necessary for any person irrespective of whether they are in a creative profession or merely in a leadership role in a non-creative organisation. Following are certain habits you can inculcate to tap into your whitespace and build your focus while rekindling the creative spark within you.

Flight Mode

With so many distractions around us, there is a constant bombardment of information which can make us lose our thread of thoughts. We may also feel saturated at times as it becomes increasingly difficult to be in our space.

If there is an important project that you need to work on you can imagine that you are boarding a flight. Turn on the flight mode in your head and block the entire world out.


Some may find it difficult to activate the hypothetical airplane mode. A habit that is an alternative and also makes it easier for you to switch on the flight mode is meditation. It keeps the outside world from meddling with your thoughts and helps you develop the ability to focus.

The best thoughts come to us when our mind is relaxed and meditation helps you achieve exactly that. The great scientist Albert Einstein has said, ‘Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them’. With meditation you not only develop new ways of thinking but you are also changing your mindset by pulling it out of unproductive thought patterns.

Finding your White Wall

It is said that Picasso would often stare at a white wall. When asked what we was doing he would simply reply ‘I’m painting’. Staring at a white wall was his way of finding inspiration for his next piece of art.

You may have to develop a ritual or practise a technique that facilitates the flow of creative ideas and makes you a better innovator. An important part of being an innovator is making connections that others can’t make and striking relationships that others can’t strike.

For some this white wall can be the ocean, for some it can be lush green valleys while for some it can be the mountains that rise high against the sky.

Being Active

Loss of creativity often stems from lethargy. It is when we become inactive that our mind stumbles upon creative roadblocks. The only fix for this problem is to take part in more physical activities.

You may have noticed that better ideas come to you when you merge the workouts of your body and mind, which is when you think at the time of performing a physical exercise. It’s a proven way to expand your creative horizon and stimulate the mind and its ability to imagine.

Different people may have different choices of workout and you must stick to your favourite exercise to extract the best out of you. If the idea of running, biking or swimming doesn’t appeal much to you, you can find out more about other types of activities that can keep you active.

Find the time for Whitespace

Our schedule may be packed with several important tasks and finding the time to relax in between can be difficult. But in order to remain creative it is important that you make some time in your schedule wherein your mind gets its much required rest.

The time that we spend doing nothing can be considered as leisure time. So any time of the day spent in leisure can be thought of as the whitespace. We may have to assign the same importance to whitespace which we generally give to our work.

Strategic thinking and inspiration can rarely be extracted out of a person by force. It is a process that takes time to blossom but when it does you will have greater clarity on how to make the most of it.

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