Every couple is not perfect or successful initially; they spend time together with each other and with society, go through many trial and errors to become happy and successful. We have collected 10 pointers which should be followed and tell you how to make your marriage stronger:

  • Happiness is not for the lifetime: one comes it is not compulsorily yours, stronger couple know the tricks to bring happiness back in the relationship and could work together. Happiness may come and go but the bond of love has to remain forever.
  • Appreciate your better half each time: appreciation is the best way of presenting happiness, women or men both are equally obliged to receive any gesture of thanks, it could be a hug after and before office, a kiss for a good food, it seems that couple appreciate each other attract less towards anyone else because they find everything within the home.
  • Thankfulness behaviour: this is must in any relation in life; husband and wife shares a special bond and do enormous things for each other throughout the day so it is a must. In India women and men have their own duties and restrictions so here thank you means a lot for both of them.
  • Honesty, even if it is difficult: there is a situation when both of them have to hide some things from each other or they may be ashamed of it. To keeps the bond intact and stable, the only way to keep the relation pure and happier is transparency.
  • Change your mind, adopt opposites: likeminded people may not face this issue but couples who are opposites and think differently may have to break this stone and try to adopt the thoughts of their partner, keeping in mind some previous situation and their reaction, it would help a lot to keep the fire away.
  • The grass is greener on the other side: never compare your partner to anyone, every human is different and has some good and bad things. So, how your better half be like anyone else, it is better to put yourself in any situation before reacting. It would not only helps you to overreact but claim the situation a bit. Maybe your partner has some extra qualities than someone else, comparisons make them jealous and may lead to an unhappy relationship.
  • Feel the love in your relation: try to go for some personal time in which it is all about you and your partner it would not only help to resolve an issue but also never generate any misunderstanding. No one will ever come in between you and your half.

How to have a strong marriage is a common question instead of someone asks to yourself, you better know what is wrong and if you are unable to do that ask your partner they will tell you exactly what needs to restarted and repaired. Marriage simply means two wheels of life so who else will understand better the situation you are under.

By rawat

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