Problems with erection, erectile dysfunction, or insufficient blood supply to the organ during love have already been discussed from various angles. What affects her, what negative factors can affect her, or what diseases can affect the quality of an erection? Today, we will see this problem from a different angle through an expert’s eyes. We asked several tough questions of a recognized expert in the field of doctor. In this article, you will get acquainted with the issue of erection from a professional point of view and provide a few tips on how to deal with it and how to solve erection problems.

Let’s start with the classic question that interests most of our readers:

What can cause erection problems?

A variety of causes can arise in the development of erection disorders, which in many cases combine in different ways. Also, most cases of erectile dysfunction have more than one cause. In other words, erectile dysfunction quite often occurs multifactorial or multifactorial. Even in those men where erectile dysfunction is due to the main organic cause, it can be said to be tissue, in few successful attempts at physical intercourse, a mentally different superstructure is naturally associated individually

Can you give examples?

Psychological factors may be involved, such as ‘uncertainty about expectations’, partner or marital conflicts, lack of self-confidence and a drop in mood due to stress, depression, situational or generalized anxiety. Furthermore, they can be organic factors, primarily vascular factors and factors arising from the nervous system’s disorders. Also, local causes, including anomalies and inflammatory diseases of the genitals, conditions after surgery, especially the prostate, pelvic injuries, abnormalities in the functioning of endocrine glands. Known, it is also the relationship of erectile dysfunctions some c elkovým disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes or hardening of the arteries. Toxic effects (nicotine in heavy smokers, alcohol, or other addictive substances) and drugs (for example, if you need to take blood pressure tablets for a long time) can often be used. In some circumstances, however, it may not be a disease of the physical function. Still, the situation may have the nature of a more physical discord within the couple.

There are a lot of triggers for erection problems. But how do our readers know what specific cause concerns them?

The best way of action will apparently be when they look for a urologist in their place of residence or region. He will analyze their difficulties in detail and examine them physically as well the doctor recommends.

What if a doctor finds out that the problems are of a purely mental nature? How should our readers proceed in such a case?

In cases of dysfunctions with a ‘purely’ psychological cause, i.e., without a proven organic or tissue basis, the possibility of a favorable effect on the condition is relatively easiest. So stay optimistic. Examine the potential of an erection stimulant or dietary supplement alone or with your prescriber. A doctor who knows your condition may be advising you to have an erection medicine. However, great caution would be in place if you were an individual with low blood pressure, says a recognized expert in the field of s**ology.

However, even a prescription drug can have side effects. Are there any alternatives without adverse consequences? How to solve erection problems in a less risky way?

“In that case, I suggest testing the effect of the Fildena 100 or Fildena 150. It is a prescription drug. You can tonize your physical functions, including erotic desire, by using Fildena. After using one or two packs of Fildena, I recommend switching to Fildena 120 recommends the alternative.

Can a partner help solve erection problems?

If you think that your partner is capable of quality empathy, or empathy for your mood, definitely confide in her openly. Explain to her that it would be very beneficial for some time to favor the couple’s non-coital physical activities leading to her and your orgasm or prefer intimate cuddling and erotic games without their own physical connection.

You don’t have to avoid traditional intercourse completely, but for the time being, leave it in second place in your pair scenario as optional and only when nature will be inclined, for all the answers on the topic How to solve erection problems even when he found for us. More information and other professional advice in the pen of this recognized expert in the field of s**ology can be found in our Professional Counseling Center.

Are there any restrictions on taking the Fildena?

If your blood pressure is relatively constant and your overall cardiovascular fitness is favorable, then you cannot take Fildena 120 or vigora 100. On the other hand, I would not recommend the use of Fildena in the event that specific blood pressure values ​​fluctuate a lot or were significantly unstable.

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