Wash room articles are also having a primary status in the lives of children. We use these accessories in order to keep our babies neat and clean. It is the basic right of babies to keep their selves neat and clean. We are needed many other things more than clothing and shoes in order to look after them. Cleanliness demands attention and proper schedule of time. Frequent habit of giving bath can develop the habit of personal hygiene in your child. Washroom articles contain: bath tubs, chair pots, shampoos, towels, bath gowns and buckets. Colorful variety of wash room articles is available in markets as well as at online hopping stores also. First of all you have to make a list of essential items for the wash room of your baby. After making the list you have to search for the best online shopping stores in order to buy these things. Always try to avail extra ordinary discount by the application of Mamas and Papas code. The Coupon KSA has exciting offers for its clients. Let us discuss about the essential additional attachments of wash rooms which help you in the attainment of the purpose of cleanliness if your baby.


These are made up of hard plastic. Usually these tubs are manufactured in oval and round shapes. You can make your baby to sit in them for the purpose of bath taking. This method of bathing reduces the risks of slipping from hands.

Bath Seats

Bath seats are the best trainers of your child as these teach them how to sit properly while passing stool or faces. Bath seats are available in many sizes and shapes. If you want to buy them on lower prices than you must have to utilize Mamas and Papas code at the time shopping online.

Changing Mattress           

It is mattress type thing which is used for the purpose of putting off the clothes and pampers after the process of bathing. These are soft and smooth which do not create any inconvenience for mother as well as for children.

Folding Bath Stand

This is especially meant for newly born babies.  Small bath tub is attached with a stand. Bath stand makes the process of bathing of newly born easy as you can hold them well. A complete range of folding bath stand is also available at reasonable prices. Never forget to use Mamas and Papas code.

Grooming Kits

These kits contain essential items which we use to clean our child. Feet brushes are used to drive out the dirt and debris from feet. Nail cutters are used to cut nails of babies. Scissors are used to cut packing of different wash room articles as like soaps and tissue boxes.

Little Life First Aid Kit

This kit contains the necessary items of first aid as like gauzes, bandages, oils, ointments, paper tapes, germs cleaners and anti allergic creams. All these items are kept inside a funky bag which gives a pleasant look to its viewer. We can use this kit in the case of emergency. You just have to use Mamas and Papas code to enjoy savings and offers.

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