Being a mother can be an empowering experience.  It can also inspire a woman to pursue her passions.  However, with everything that’s going on in the home and in the family, managing one’s schedule can be tricky especially for mama entrepreneurs.  Mother of two and startup co-founder Milena Djankovich has some strategies that can help with balance time for self, family, and work.  Here are some of them:

Plan the next day before bedtime

There are people who take an hour to sit down and plan for the upcoming week.  In reality, schedules change and there are unexpected events that can mess with the to-do list.  To prepare for the next day, moms can take a few minutes to revise the next day’s plans to give way to more important matters.  Planning before bedtime will also help a mompreneur start in the right direction the next day. 

Have a priority list

Milena Djankovich believes that women can succeed in all areas of life.  There are a few people who thrive even when they procrastinate.  However, more people end up feeling overwhelmed when their tasks start piling up.  To make sure there’s enough time for home and work life, set up a priority list that can be reviewed throughout the day.  Sort tasks according to importance or deadline.  Doing this will help a mom focus and steer clear of possible time time wasters.   Putting “work” and “home” tasks in separate lists can help a woman focus on one area at a time.

Master the art of delegation

Though moms can accomplish a lot in a day, they can still miss out on other tasks.  Asking for the help of a partner, family member, or friends will get things done.  Menial tasks such as picking up a child’s toys, sorting the laundry, and feeding pets can even be assigned to the kids.  Delegating is an effective way to get the family involved in taking care of matters at home.  When everyone’s helping, it will be easier to accomplish more.

Milena Djankovichis the president and co-founder of RockerMama, a company that aims to conceptualize practical and affordable solutions for mothers all over the world.   Visit this page to learn more about her company.

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