Your skin puts up with a lot when under the harmful rays of the sun, all exposed. The harmful UV rays not only turns our complexion into a dark,  it also damages the skin. And things get worse when you know you can do absolutely nothing about it.

Although you can ask the sun to stop shining what you can do is effortless. Just get into the habit of using a sunscreen lotion, that blocks the harmful rays of the sun. Once you apply the sunscreen lotion and step out, your skin will be protected against the harmful sun rays and hence there would no tanning or damage.

However, we can understand that being a man, it is likely that you are not so much involved with them in cosmetics. But anything that protects your skin or health is no waste. So before you get your hand on any particular product, know the type of your skin first. And then go through the list below to check the best sunscreen for men.

Best sunscreen lotion for men in India

Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 50: The more the SPF content, the better the lotion. Hence always go for the higher SPF. Also, consider the ingredients in it. If you find more chemical content, they know it is not for sensitive skin. This product from Nivea comes with the UVA, UVB filter equipped cream. It also contains moisturising content, hence if you dry skin, this can be a perfect go. It is dermatologically tested so you need not worry for any reaction.

Sunscreen Lotion with 40+ SPF PA+++ from The Man Company: It is one of the best product with natural ingredients and balanced chemical composition. It can be suitable for all skin types and there no side effects such as allergy. It is composed of Sea Buckthorn Oil, which is known for healing properties and wheat germ oil plus allantoin that fights against skin tanning. Moreover, this product is absolutely sulphate free and paraben free and has nourishing properties. Also, it is waterproof lotion so it really doesn’t get wipe-off with sweat. Nothing can be better than this all-round protection.

Biotique Aloe Vera Sunscreen Ultra Soothing Lotion: If you heard about the benefits of aloe vera, simply know that this product is enriched with it and it will never let you down. The product comes with SPF 50+ that can bring up to 90% protection against the harmful rays of the sun. It is best suited for men with oily skin as it comes with fast absorbent and is light on the skin. It also reduces greasiness at the same time providing the necessary moisture and hydration.

Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence from The Body Shop: This product is an actual shield against the harmful rays of the sun. It helps to fight dullness with the help of the Vitamin C content. Plus it is suitable for all skin type for your rescue. Hence, you really need not worry if you have already purchased this product. For those who haven’t, give it a try.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock: This brand earned its status by providing quality face wash and the sunscreen lotion is another great product. The product is blessed with SPF 50+ to fight against sun rays, it can be perfect for bright sunny weather. Plus the long hour protection would be all you need during busy hours.

So, these are the best products that we recommend, for both specific and all skin types. Try it according to your skin texture and forget the tan.

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