Selena Gomez is a name among, which is known to almost every music lover in this world. No doubt, because she is having such a mesmerizing voice which can make any person a fan of her. Apart from having the title of “Queen of Instagram”, she has many other achievements for her singing. It is very hard for us to count them all in a single article. That’s why we are here to tell you about the top 4 music videos of Selena Gomez ever. These videos are chosen on the basis of their success commercially as well as the choice of the critics. We will be starting from the least popular to the best one of Selena’s music videos. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  • “Who says” -When the sun goes down (2011)

This is one of thebest songs for which Selena is remembered by many people. This song is known as one of her signatures feel good anthems. Moreover, this song is about different than what was the main genre of Selena was earlier. Music of the song is fresh and acoustic, which is beautifully decorated by Selena’s soulful voice. This song was mainly for the fans, for inspiring them and uplifting them from the situations, in which they found themselves stuck and want to get rid of. This song definitely triggers a dopamine rush in your body when you listen to it.

  • “The heart wants what it wants”- For you (2014)

Heartbreaks are painful and that’s what this song is all about. This was the first song released by Selena after her breakup with the boyfriend Justin Bieber. This was also one of her most emotional and personal songs ever. Lyrics of the song are beautifully written and make it easy for the audience to relate themselves to them. This music video has some kind of vibes which matches perfectly with the song. Whether you have heartbreak or not, you should definitely listen to it.

  • “Same Old Love”- Revival (2015)

This song was one of the most famous songs of the year 2015 and it hit the pop radio industry hard at that time. This song was meant for the people who want to get more out of their relationship and don’t want to face any kind of toxic situation in it ever. Lyrics were amazingly done by Charli XCX, who gives a no-nonsense attitude to the song. This song proved that Selena is able to sing songs of any genre. The music video of this song is also amazingly shot, which actually takes you to a whole new world.

  • “Come & Get it”-Stars Dance (2013)

This song was from Selena’s debut solo album, which makes this song extra special. Everyone knew that Selena was taking a chance with this as most of her successful projects were Collab with other artists. But this song proved everyone wrong. Through this song, people got to know that Selena is no more a cute little girl anymore as she has grown into a confident and powerful woman. This song was for the women proving that women are able to bear all the challenges, even if those are related to their body. This song broke all the records and remained on the top charts for quite a long time.

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