Wedding is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. And one of the biggest attraction of a we3dding? The answer is simple- the wedding cake. Every year the wedding cake trend is changing. This is the era of Instagrams and social networks. So, cakes are becoming more like Instagram sensations and a centrepiece of any wedding. Anything can inspire a wedding cake. Usually, couples try to showcase their moments or their interests through their wedding cake. Here are the most happening cake trends in 2019. Inspire yourself with anything and then see the magic.

  • Alternative Cakes

The biggest trend in 2019 is non-cakes or alternative cakes. These cakes are made from anything other than the sweet creamy cakes. It can be made of cheese, waffles, pizzas, brownies, ice creams and any other thing. If you are adventurous then definitely get an alternative cake rather than the traditional one.

  • Single Tier Cake

The minimalistic look is back with the cakes. Couples are now opting for simple, rustic single tier cake. These cakes are simple but charming. Couples are opting for numerous single tier cakes instead of one multi-tier cake.

  • Understated Textures

Again a minimalistic but interesting contender in this list. This type of cakes has interesting textures of fondant and buttercream. The finish may look like velvet or marble stones or grass. This is simple but quirky. There are many bakeries in the world who send cake online.

  • Interesting Flavour

A machaflavoured cake with mango frosting! Yes, this may seem gross to some people but many couples will love it. Quirky flavours and frostings with equally interesting combinations will become one of the coolest trends in 2019. These flavours offer a break from the monotonous traditional flavours.

  • Black Cake

Another quirky cake trend that is going to be haute this year. Black is always a stylish person’s favourite colour. Now cakes have the option too. Inkjet black cakes will be seen at more weddings. These cakes are interesting, quirky, luxurious and sophisticated at the same time. Gold and silver detailing are just like the cherry on the icing. Many bakeries who offer services like cake delivery UK, has said that more couples are opening up for a black cake at their wedding.

  • Copper Cake

Copper is another hot colour of this season. This colour is versatile and relief to eyes. Couples are now open to copper cakes with interesting flavours. Minimalists may choose copper detailing in their wedding cake.

  • Structural Designs

Cakes with architectural designs look beautiful, exquisite and classy. The bakers can display their skill with a structural cake. Now, couples want a special factor in their wedding cakes. Therefore, the trend of architectural wedding cakes is here to stay.

  •  Royal Touch

After the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, their cake gained a huge fanbase. Couples will be eager to follow their footsteps and opt for deconstructed cakes, displayed on different stands.

Hence, these are the happening trends in case of a wedding cake. You can choose any of them. Whatever it is, enjoy the cake of your wedding like a pro!

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