Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that deals with how to manage any resources available in your business organization? In simple words, when you start an office and you are one or with some of the employees running a business and its functionality is straightforward. The marketplace today is ever-growing in its complexity and competitiveness due to the continuous advances in technology and innovation. Due to the convenience of technology customers can find information quickly and make informed buying decisions even without speaking to a salesperson. In the custom ERP software development scene, the customer expectation of service, quality, and personalization are also continuously increasing due to technology.

How ERP Can Boost Your Customer Service

Full integration of ERP systems – front-office, back-office, and everywhere in between – is highly correlated with successful customer service and retention. Modern ERP systems contain customer-facing applications including warranty management, CRM, and field service. In ERP web application development, great customer service relies on the ability for customer service representatives to find accurate information quickly in order to respond to client questions and requests. By connecting internal processes under a single system where all data is stored, ERP allows customer service teams to access client information, including the status of an order, production changes or roadblocks, shipments and deliveries, and more.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

With an ERP Solution in place, retailers are primed to turn a cross-selling and up-selling opportunity into a service that provides true value for the customer. For example, if an ERP system was successfully implemented at an electronics store, the clerk could scan the product and alert the customer to opportunities specific to the item they are buying. Whether the service is offered on a mobile level or at a point of sale in a checkout lane, ERP makes it easy to build and improve buying pathways and increase customer happiness.

Improving user experience

When backend business processes are modernized and streamlined, customers reap the reward. The custom ERP development companies of India with modern ERP can provide better service because they have a holistic view of the customer including all customer history. This information allows the business to prioritize the best customers and automate any discounts for long-term customers. The improved shipping operations allow for reliable order tracking and shipping notifications.

Reducing the risk of customer returns

Returning a product can be frustrating to a customer. A custom ERP solution developer in India can help you minimize this risk in several ways. First, it can be a great tool to train your staff, as well as a place to maintain written procedures. By documenting your procedures, you clarify your production process. Employees can check the procedures to confirm that they’re producing goods correctly. These steps reduce the risk that you produce a flawed product. If a customer does need to return goods, your custom ERP system can speed up the process. Your system can inform your production staff that a replacement item needs to be shipped out of inventory. The same system can notify the accounting department so that they can record the additional cost. The same system can inform your logistics group where the item needs to be sent. Speeding up the return process will benefit your customer.

Better Self-Service

With the prevalence of mobile devices and online shopping, customers now often prefer handling their own customer service needs when possible. This presents an opportunity for more efficient, cost-effective customer care through self-service portals and knowledge bases but only if businesses have the infrastructure for it. ERP can play an important role in building out these knowledge bases and delivering answers directly to customers without the need for live agent interactions; customers can pull data directly from the ERP system through interfaces as diverse as web pages, interactive voice response or even chatbots.

The Customers are becoming more demanding than ever, and ERP can help meet the needs of these demanding customers. Kanhasoft is such a custom business solution provider that offers customized ERP solutions according to your business needs. So feel free to contact us.

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