Horses are quite a handful – whether one owns them for training, breeding or simply as pets!

One needs to spend a ton of cash when it comes to meeting the dental care expenses, medical care expenses and toiletries used on their beloved four-legged friend!

Hence, it is natural for one to take the necessary steps that would keep their horse from falling ill, especially as the season changes from winter to summer! One such step is investing in turnout rugs.

What is a turnout or horse rug?

A turnout or horse rug is a protective cover that can either cover the entire body or the side flanks of a horse.

●       These can be heavy fleece rugs – ideal for the winters and

●       Lightweight rugs – ideal for the summers.

These not only keep the animal protected from the elements, irrespective of the season but also come with plenty of benefits as well.

Let us take a quick look into some of them in the following sections –

Turnout blankets come in various types and functions to suit one’s needs

Horse rugs come in a plethora of colours and types. This makes it pretty easy for a horse owner to find a rug that fits their horse – irrespective of its age, breed, height and body-type.

Some horse rugs cover the whole body of the horse and some that protect only the sides of the animal.

Turnout rugs make it easy for one to spot their horse

Some manufacturers fabricate horse rugs that are either reflective or come in vibrant colours. This makes it easy for an owner to find their beloved horse as the evening approaches!

Placing rugs on your horse is a great way to keep them clean!

Placing horse rugs on the body of the animal before it is being led out to graze in the open is a great way to keep the coat of a horse clean.

Turnout blankets offer protection to horses as they graze

Grazing horses often fall prey to flies. This problem takes a challenging form, especially during the summers.

This is the reason why investing in lightweight horse rugs is a great way to keep those pesky flies away from your horse all the while keeping the horse’s natural movements unrestricted!

Being a horse owner is not an easy task. They are just big babies who need a lot of attention, affection and care. Hence, to show your horse that you love them with all your heart, you must invest in lightweight turnout rugs. Just be sure to choose a reliable turnout rug brand so that you don’t end up with substandard products!

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