The initial claim to fame for John Albert “Jack” Elway III was being the son of an extremely well-acclaimed former football quarterback and the general manager of NFL Denver Bronco, John Elway.  Following the footsteps of his father, Jack Elway began his football journey as the quarterback of his high school team and then was briefly signed by the Arizona State University football team as well. This football journey of his was however short-lived as he ultimately decided to make a career out of the football field.

Jack Elway talks about certain aspects of his experience with the game of football

Much like numerous other Americans, John Albert “Jack” Elway III has been playing football from the first grade. However, unlike many others, he also has an extremely rich football legacy. While he is the son of a winner of two Super Bowls, his grandfather also had made his mark as quote a renowned and prestigious college football coach. Due to this legacy, Jack Elway has been surrounded by the game of football throughout his life, and it has played a huge role in defining his journey. Even he had accepted the fact that throughout his life most people would know him as the son of the football legend, John Elway.

 John Elway currently is the general manager of the Denver Broncos team of NFL [National Football League, as well as the President of Football Operations there.  He played as a quarterback in the football field, and is renowned for delivering back-to-back Super Bowl wins for the Denver Broncos. It was in January of 1987 when gave one of the most spectacular and noteworthy performances in the NFL history, and arguably in the sport of football in general. John Elway basically aided in engineering a 98-yard game touchdown drive that ended in a tie against a match with Cleveland Brown in the game. This was an AFC Championship Game. In his position as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, he subsequently had led his teams in six AFC Championship Games and five Super Bowls. Due to his incredible journey as a football player, John Elway was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2000, and in 2004 he even was included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jack Elway has extremely high regard for the legacy of his father, and does not get much bothered when people recognize him by his last name.  He himself has spent a good amount of time trying to carry on his family legacy of playing football, and tried making both his father and grandfather happy and proud. However, sharing blood does not imply sharing talent. Hence, while Jack was a relatively good footballer, his skill didn’t match the level of his father’s. He, therefore, decided to move away from the field and forge his own career. Right not he runs a hat company that has been founded by him known as the Mint Tradition.

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