3D printing is the process of manufacturing a three-dimensional object from a digital model. Based in Singapore our company offers 3d printing and additive manufacturing services.3d printing singaporeis the best alternative to the traditional methods. In the olden days, these techniques were done using injection moulding and CNC machining.

Our company creates the products from scratch. We offer to manufacture prototypes for industrial parts. With this technique, the objects made are accurate and have a good finishing which is not possible with other techniques. Our company is certified for our quality. So we assure you to provide high manufacturing standards. We manually check all the materials used for manufacturing to ensure the quality of the products. We offer digital manufacturing services and additive manufacturing services. Our company can also personalize the products according to the client’s requirements.

The process of manufacturing a 3d model is done in a few simple steps first the object is scanned using 3D scanners or photographed. The scanned model is computerized and manufactured with the selected material.3D printing brought a huge impact on production lines in many industries.3D printing provides rapid prototyping of industrial parts.3d printing is also known as additive manufacturing in which the material is laid layer by layer minimizing material usage and can be assembled faster. We use high-standard metals and resins for manufacturing. We never compromised on the quality of materials.

There are many techniques in 3D printing like:

  •  Fused deposition modeling.
  •  SLA, polyjet
  •  SLS
  •  Multijet fusion
  • Vacuum casting.

The process of manufacturing is decided by the type of object manufactured. 3D printing is offering customers durable and safe products to sell.3D printing technology has gone a long way and is used in all types of industries like aerospace, medical, defense, dental, consumer electronics, etc.

Pros and cons of 3D printing:


  • Flexible design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Print on demand
  • Strong and lightweight parts
  • Fast design
  • Less wastage
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco friendly.


  • Ineffective for large batches.
  • Expensive materials
  • Regulatory challenges.
  • Post-processing for large parts
  • It affects the jobs in manufacturing industries.

Additive manufacturing can easily manufacture complex objects in a single process, it can manufacture different parts with different complexity and rigidity, because of this fixing of different parts in the machine could be avoided as it is made in a single step. It uses different materials in different parts of the object based on selection. It can design a more complex architecture like honeycombing in steel parts etc.

3D manufacturing is a revolution in the industrial era. It can manufacture more complex objects like drones in a single step. 3D manufacturing has a huge impact on the manufacturing industries. There is less manpower used in these industries which leads to unemployment. Every technology has got its positive and negative effects on people.

By peter