The purchase of a refurbished phone is like purchasing a brand new phone for a lot of reasons. Your original phone might be stolen or broken and you could need a replacement for the same.  As the refurbished phones are pre – owned or used by someone no guarantee exists that they could be problem free. Clearly evaluate the pros along with cons before you are planning to undertake refurbished mobiles buy online option.

The positives

The main benefit of buying a refurbished phone is cost savings as compared to purchase of a new phone. The phones are normally sold out at discounted prices as once they are sold, they cannot be labelled as new and it becomes second hand. The savings in cost is beneficial if your phone is lost, stolen or stops working all of a sudden. This seems to be an ideal situation once you do not have the funds to purchase a new phone.

Coupled with the fact that purchase of a refurbished phone is an environmental cheap option. Such products tend to be recycled products pointing to the fact that they stay away from landfills, and in no way any form of environmental damage occurs. In addition when you are purchasing refurbished mobiles India, there is a warranty on the products. The moment you are purchasing from a reputed company you are entitled for a 90 day free warranty that provides you with an option of getting your refurbished phone repaired in the event of you having any form of malfunctions.

The other pointers to be aware

The above mentioned reasons are great when it comes to the choice of a refurbished phone; there are some points to safeguard as well.

They might have been used by someone else or some form of malfunctions could be the reason for returning them, there is a strong possibility of some defects. They could be internal and physical at the same time. The list of internal problems could be long and endless, like the camera not work or the microphone is not audible to hear any sound. Whereas from the physical defects point of view it might include, the case of the phone known to be having blemishes like nicks or scratches.

With warranty protection if you are provided for your refurbished phone, mostly it is going to be a one year one as you are going to receive with the purchase of a new phone.

No guarantee exists that when you are purchasing a refurbished phone it would be devoid of defects or there is not going to be any trouble in their working. As per research experts such phones have lower defect rate in comparison to new phones as the refurbished phones are programmed and packaged to cope up with the original traits of the product. This policy is not going to be true when it is the case of an individual purchase.

Overall the purchase of a refurbished phone is not going to be a bad idea if you need a replacement for your new phone.

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